English 3P: Notes and Handouts 4.27-5.1

By reading and annotating F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby, students will be able to 1.)  evaluate philosophical attitudes and views of the American Dream and 2.) identify Modernist features of subversion, alienation, and antiheroes 3.) analyze the use of symbolism and archetype to convey theme. 

4.27 The Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby Chapter 7

4.28 The Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby Chapter 8

4.29 5.1 The Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby Chapter 9

4.30 The Great Gatsby: Progress Check Workshop and Writing Evaluation

5.1 The Great Gatsby Chapter 7-9 Progress Check: 1:) Can you summarize Chapter 7-9 2.) Identify Modernist philosophical and aesthetic features 3.) Evaluate Fitzgerald’s use of SYMBOLS to convey views of the American Dream. 

Mexican American Literature and Culture: 4.27-5.1

After analyzing POINT OF VIEW in popular corridos students will be able to identify central argument and purpose of archetype by completing analytical summaries, SOAPS Analysis, and writing their own corrido based on important post-Mexican American war figure.

4.27 Introduction to Corridos: What is a corrido? an archetype?

4.28 El Corrido de Joaquin Murrieta, El Corrido de Gregorio Cortez

4.29 Post-Reading: Analytical SummarySOAPS ANALYSIS, Write your Own Corrido

4.29 Writing Workshop: Write your Own Corrido

5.1 Corrido Performances