Weekly Updates: 5.29-6.1

Weekly Updates: 5.29-6.1

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AP Seminar: Period 1

This week, students will reflect on Individual Research Report and use Rubric to Self Assess evidence of Proficiencies in Task 1.  

Tuesday: 1. Stuff that Matters 2. Finish  Individual Research Report Rubric Reflection 

Wednesday: 1. “What is NOT Research?”: Pre-AP Research Reading and Reflection 2. Finish  Individual Research Report Rubric Reflection 

Thursday: 1.  Stuff that Matters 2. Individual Written Argument Rubric Reflection

Friday: 1. Summer Research Question Work  2.) Research Methods Work

English 3P Honors: Period 2, 5, 6

This week, students will REVISE The Great Gatsby Literary Analysis Essay and begin Final Portfolio Work.

Tuesday: 1. Introduction to Fences: Background on August Wilson Video and Author Background Circle Map and Paragraph Frame 2. Thinking like a Semiotician: Foretelling the future by recognizing Fences by August Wilson as Symbols of abstract ideas.

Wednesday: 1. The Great Gatsby Literary Analysis Essay Revision 2. Second Semester Portfolio

Thursday: Watch Act I Scene I of Fences: Fences Study Guide: Fences Lesson Plans

H.W. Read and Compare “Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech” by Dr. Martin Luther King &  Advice to the Youth of Mississippi by Malcolm X by Writing Compare and Contrast Summar Due Monday 6.4

FridayFencesFences Study Guide

Creative Writing: Period 3

This week, students will draft a scene about High School Drama.  

Tuesday: 1. High School Drama Brainstorm 2.  Discuss What makes a good play? (lines of communication) 3.  Pick a situation (Sentence Frame Ticket Out)

Wednesday: 1. BASIC PLAYWRITING TERMINOLOGY  2. Exercise 1 from Playwrights Handbook: The Neutral Play 2. Modern Play Format: Open and Copy