This week in Ms. Alba’s Class 10.29-11.2

AP Seminar: Period 1

Monday: 1. What is an Annotated Bibliography? Annotated Bibliography Due on Friday: 5 Citations, 5 Annotations, 5 sentences each minimum.

Tuesday: 1.) Complete Five Entries for Annotated Bibliography by Friday.

Wednesday: 1.) Classic Model for an Argument? 2.) Just the Facts: Line of Reasoning Infographic: Example 3.) Play with Piktochart or Continue Working on Annotated Bibliography.

Thursday: Presentation Prep

Friday: Presentation Prep: Use ACOVA Checklist and Preview Presentation with a partner.

Mexican American Literature: Period 2 & 6

Monday: 1.) Review Metanarrative 2.) OPTIC Analysis of John Gast’s “American Progress”

Tuesday:2) What is a COUNTERNARRATIVE? 2.) OPTIC Analysis on Lalo Alcaraz’s “Never Forget”

Wednesday: 1. Lalo Alcaraz Background 2.) Comparative Summary on “American Progress” and”Never Forget”

Thursday: 1.) What is a CORRIDO? Why study CORRIDOS? 2.) Introduction to Americo Paredes

Friday: Guest Speaker: Frank Mundo author of “How I Became a Mexican” The Brubury Tales, Different, and Touched by an Anglo

English 3P Honors: Period 3 & 4

Monday: 1.) Expert Corners and Literary Circles for Ch. 10-12 of The Namesake

Tuesday: Quarter 1 Benchmark

Wednesday: Socratic Seminar for The Namesake

Thursday: World Cafe

Friday: Collection 1 Unit Final Timed Write: Rubric