This week in Ms. Alba’s Class: 2/19-2/22

AP Seminar: Period 1

After completing ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHIES with 8-10 sources, AP Seminar Scholars will contextualize the problem and disciplinary lens in a clearly written INTRODUCTION.  

Tuesday: 1.) Annotated Bibliography DUE in Google Class by 7 p.m. 2.) Report Back Prep 3.) Publish Research Question

Wednesday: TIMED WRITE #1

Thursday: Timed Write Revision


Friday: a.) Research Question b.) Body Paragraph Prep: Integrating Multiple Perspectives

Mexican American Literature and Culture: Period 2, 6

This week, we will compare ASSIMILATION, ACCULTURATION, AND RESISTANCE as themes in Mexican American Literature and Culture by participating in Philosophical Chairs Activity and watching “Inocente.” 

Tuesday: 1. 3-2-1 Check In 2.) Philosophical Chairs Activity

Wednesday: Watch “Inocente” complete Cornell Notes

Thursday: Finish Philosophical Chairs Activity

Friday: 1.) Notebooks Self-Assesment 2.) What best represents your learning?

English 3P Honors: Period 3,4

This week we will talk back to CIVIL WAR ERA political thinkers by presenting a team speech and preparing for a poem recitation.  

Tuesday: Counseling Unit

Wednesday: Work on Team Presentation

Thursday: IAB Exam

Friday: Team Presentations

H.W. Prepare for Recitation on Monday (for full 5 students must present at OPEN MIC)



This week in Ms. Alba’s Class 2/12-2/15

AP Seminar: Period 1

This week, AP Seminar will use EBSCOHost Databases to UNDERSTAND and ANALYZE  INDIVIDUAL LENS and complete an ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY to prepare for TIMED WRITE of IRR INTRODUCTION on February 19th.  

Tuesday: 1.) News Article Quick Analysis 2.) EBSCOHost Search Refresher 3.) Find Academic Journals

H.W. Begin to Build Annotated Bibliography (SOAPS Guide) DUE Tuesday 5/19 with TIMED WRITE

Wednesday: Research, Annotated and Build Bibliography

Thursday: Research, Annotated and Build Bibliography

Friday: Team Meet Up and QUESTION the initial Research Purpose and QUESTion.

Mexican American Literature: Period 2, 6

This week, Mexican American Literature Scholars will define IDENTITY TERMS and apply these to philosophical chairs discussion and analysis of Al Madrigal’s “Half Like Me.” 

Tuesday: Guest Speaker, Ms. Karina Valdez “Why Ethnic Studies?”

Wednesday: Intro to Race, Ethnicity, Nationality: Gallery Walk

ThursdayIdentity Corners

Friday: “Half Like Me” by Al Madrigal

English 3P Honors: Period 3 & 4

This week, English 3P Honors will show understanding of Collection 4’s views by reciting Dialogue Poems, analyzing Robert Hayden’s “Runagate Runagate,” and writing Ekphrastic Poems using Civil War Photography.  

Tuesday: Write and Recite Dialogue Poems

H.W. Read and write Summary of “Runagate, Runagate” by Robert Hayden. Marcus Omari Workshop

Wednesday: “Runagate, Runagate” Coffeehouse Discussion

Thursday: Ekphrastic Poems

Friday: Freedom Photo Essay : Views of Freedom Photo Essay Template

This week in Ms. Alba’s Class 2.4-2.8

AP Seminar: Period 1

This week we will QUESTION and EXPLORE previous learning about effective teams and UNDERSTAND and ANALYZE interests to identify a TOPIC for performance task 1 Team Multimedia Presentation. 

Monday: 1. Notebook Reflection on Project Expectations: a. What will be your GOALS for the TMP? b. What was the INDIVIDUAL learning you picked up from the last project? What are your personal struggles? What are your personal strengths? What changes will you make based on your learning? 2. Watch TED Talk titled “Teamwork Reimagined” delivered by Kevin Cahill to identify what makes effective teams?

Tuesday:  1.  Team Assignments 2. Project Charter 3. Identify the TMP TOPIC

Wednesday: 1. TOP CHEF Presentation: TOPIC, PURPOSE, and REASONS it is important.

Thursday: Identify Team’s Disciplinary Lenses

Friday: Research Day 1 @ Library

Mexican American Literature & Culture:

This week we will discuss the role of stories to our sense of identity and its impact to our sense of belonging. 

Monday: 1.) What’s in a name REFLECTION: Notebook Entry 2.4 2. “The Dangers of a Single Story” Chimanda Adichie: Cornell Notes

Tuesday: 1. Family Search 2.) Finish “The Dangers of a Single Story” 2. Write a Collaborative Analytical Summary that identifies the argument presented by Chimamanda Adichie.

Wednesday: 1. “In’ Lakech” by Luis Valdez  2. What makes you feel like you belong? (Poll Everywhere) 2. The Value of Ethnic Studies 

Thursday: Introduction to Identity: a. What’s the difference between Race, Ethnicity and Nationality? b. Identity Term Gallery Walk

Friday: 1. Half Like Me: Part I.  2. Where does your story begin?

English 3P Honors:

This week we will compare views of FREEDOM communicated by speeches by Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass by writing comparative summaries, writing dialogue poems, and discussing the relevance of their ideas to contemporary American culture and society.  

Monday: 1.  The New Birth of Freedom: Notes 2.) Close Read “Second Inaugural Address” by Abraham Lincoln and complete TPCCC Analysis that also evaluates the use of RHETORICAL TRIANGLE.

Tuesday: 1.  Complete TPCCC Analysis 2.  Frederick Douglass Background 3. Read What to the Slave is the Fourth of July by Frederick Douglass: complete TPCCC Analysis that also evaluates the use of RHETORICAL TRIANGLE.

Wednesday: Write a Compare and Contrast Summary of Lincoln and Douglass

Thursday:  Write a Dialogue Poems using Lincoln & Douglass Speeches.

Friday: Progress Check: Socratic Seminar #1