Nick’s Infatuation with Gatsby

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Why does Nick feel an urgency to tell Gatsby’s story?  What does this reveal about the narrator and about the world he feels he lives in?  Explain using direct evidence from the text. Click here for some background.

English 3P Honors: Notes and Handouts 3.23-3.27

3.23 “The Moderns: : 1914-1949” by John Leggett and John Malcolm Brinnin pp. 562-569, Cornell Notes

3.24 Introduction to the American Dream

3.25 Introduction to Modernism: Pick up Gatsby Features of Modernism

3.26: Gatsby Chapter 1:  Who is the narrator?  What is his background and how are his character traits revealed by his interest in Gatsby?

3.27:  Gatsby Chapter 1:  Describe the setting and explain how Fitzgerald introduces features of Modernism in Chapter 1.