English 3P: Last Week of 2014-15 School Year!

6.8-12 UNIT GOAL:

After investigating and analyzing perspectives on contemporary American identity through texts which include art, poetry, and nonfiction, students will complete a timed write essay which explores the impact of diverse ethnic voices on American literature and culture. 

Monday: Close Read Richard Wright’s “Black Boy” and explore what idea his autobiographical story conveys about identity.

Tuesday: Quarter 4 Benchmarks

Wednesday: Reflection on Richard Wrights “Black Boy” and close read Sandra Cisneros’s “Straw Into Gold” What fairy does the title of Cisneros allude to? 

Thursday: Reflection on “Sraw Into Gold” by Sandra Cisneros

Friday: Turn in Books and Notebooks Clean Out Portfolios: ON MONDAY PRINT OUT ESSAYS WITH COMMENTS FROM TURNITIN.COM!!