About Ms. Alba’s Class


Instructor: Ms. Adriana Alba

E-mail: lalba@ggusd.us or lalba@ggusd.net

Office Hours: Tuesday or Thursday 3-4:00 p.m. & by appointment

Class Website: www.msalbasclass.com

Twitter Feed: @AlbasClassGGHS

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Our Class Objectives

English 3P Honors will focus on analyzing the historical context and philosophical background that gave rise to the canon of American Literature and Composition. Class content will provide a survey of the major literary forms, topics and themes across the history of the United States from pre-colonial times to present day. Students will focus on developing a critical understanding of major literary forms of the United States as an emerging nation, analyzing major literary themes and philosophical trends, and will show understanding through research and composition of formal academic essays, speeches, and presentations using representative forms of discourse. As this is considered an Honors course, be prepared to synthesize class content with independent research and reading.


IMG_0689Class Procedures, Guidelines, and Learning Expectations

I.  Class Orientation

a. Presentation

b. Syllabus

c. Family Welcome Letter

II.  Class Forms and Documents

a. Request to Retest

b. Missing Assignment Log Sheet

III.  Grading & Writing Rubrics

a. Interactive Notebook Rubric & Guidelines

b. Essay Presentation and Rubric

c.  Socratic Seminar

d.  MLA Style