IMP Presentation Feedback Questionnaire

1. Understand and analyze context: a.) Is the relevance of the research question DETAILED ? b.) Is there a CLEAR connection to the stimulus materials?

2. Establish Argument I: a.) Does the presenter declare an argument? b.) Is the argument coherent and complex?

3. Select and use evidence: a.) Is relevant evidence brought together and integrated into a conversation? b.) are different perspectives represented?

4. Establish Argument II. a.) Does the presentation have a realistic a.) resolution? b.) conclusion? c.) solution?

5. Engage Audience through Design: a.) Does the presentation incorporate tasteful media and appropriate design elements? b.) Does the use of design elements like chart and pictures emphasize important information to help the audience understand the argument?

6. Engage Audience through performance: a.) Does the presenter use vocal variety to provide emphasis and interest and convey they own interest in the topic? b.) Does the presenter make eye contact with the audience throughout? c.) Do they use an open relaxed posture and use gestures for emphasis and to reference visuals.