I am excited to be your teacher this year! It is an honor to be able support your development as a scholar and I look forward to witnessing the paths you create toward your goals.
This webpage was created with the intention of facilitating communication between our classroom community.  I am here to support you and ensure that students are provided with all tools required for academic success.  On this website you will find most of what you need to be successful in my class.  Entire units are posted including: notes, handouts, reading, outside links, study guides and more!  This is also a great place for you to ask questions and comment on class material by using the contact form below or the class Twitter Feed @AlbasClassGGHS.

New Student Orientation Presentation
At this point, one might be thinking, “Why even come to class?”  Simple.  Because the real learning does not come from me, or from a handout, or even the amazing writers we will be reading.  The real learning comes as we struggle to make meaning together as a community through discussion and collaboration.  Ultimately, it is the interactions between thinkers that create, dismantle, and recreate the world we live in.  As you grow you will find that that is how all real knowledge and expertise is produced…
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