Happy New Year! This week in Ms. Alba’s Class…

Period 1: AP Seminar

Wednesday: 1.) Class Orientation & Tech Connect 2.) AP® Seminar Student Syllabus 3.) “Advice to Young Poets”  Quick Analysis

H.W. Get SYLLABUS SIGNED & TYPE Beauty Individual Argument: Due Tuesday, 9.4

Thursday: 1.) What is Beauty? : Reflection 2.) Q.U.E.S.T for Beauty Group Project: DirectionsRubric

Friday: Beauty Presentations Preparation: Synthesize Ideas on with Team and Transform them into Multimedia Presentation.

English 3P Honors

Wednesday: 1.)Class Orientation & Tech Connect  2.) ENGLISH 3P HONORS SYLLABUS Review 3.)“Advice to Young Poets”  Quick Analysis

H.W. Summer Reading Annotations for articles Due TOMORROW (Hard Copy):

“Letter from an American Farmer: Letter III: What is an American?” by Hector St. John De Crevecoer

American and Americans: Is the American Dream Even Real?” by John Steinbeck

“Let America be America Again” by Langston Hughes Let America Be America Again

Thursday: Summer Reading Timed Write: Diagnostic Assessment

Friday: What is America?: Use Summer Reading Annotation to develop Questions for Socratic Seminar #1 and Socratic Seminar Evaluation Form.

Mexican American Literature

Wednesday:1.) Class Orientation & Tech Connect  2.) Mexican American Literature Syllabus3.)“Advice to Young Poets”  Quick Analysis

Thursday: 1.) Notebook Setup & Interactive Notebook Rubric & Guidelines 2.)  What’s in a Name? (w/ pods)

Friday: 1.)What’s in a Name? (w/ pods) 2.) Family Search (Lines of Communication)

Internship Opportunity: Human Relations Ambassadors Program! See Ms. Alba or Ms. Martinez for more info.

Human Relations Ambassadors Program

Program Description

The Human Relations Ambassadors Program is a yearlong internship designed to provide advanced human relations training and skills to a diverse cross section of Orange County youths who are committed to diversity, inclusion, and social justice. Ambassadors further the mission of OC Human Relations by serving as youth representatives of the agency in their communities and at events as participants, presenters, or facilitators.

Mission Statement

HRAP seeks to create a safe environment for students to attain the skills and knowledge in order to become leaders that can reach out to the diverse communities of OC as part of a larger human relations and social justice movement.

  • Open to all high school youth across Orange County.
  • Students can apply with the attached application, or online at www.tinyurl.com/HRAP2018

Application Priority Deadline: Friday September 7th, 5:00pm.