Unit 1: Intro to Creative Writing

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CREATIVE WRITINGDownload Syllabus Here

Instructor: Ms. Alba

E-maillalba@ggusd.us or lalba@ggusd.net

Twitter Feed: @AlbasclassGGHS

Office Hours: Monday & Wednesday 3-4:00 p.m. & by appointment

Class Website:  www.msalbasclass.com

Remind #: 

Text @argoauthor to 81010

Google Class: tqmtuh

Course Description:

This course is an introduction to the art of creative writing and publishing. Class participants will write and revise pieces in a number of genres including personal essays, short stories, poetry, plays, and we will also be dabbling in emerging alternative genres. The central focus of the class will be on various processes for creating, using mentor texts as inspiration and models, and learning from providing and listening to feedback. Most important, however, will be learning to engage in a supportive creative community that empowers individual curiosity, and artistic risk taking.


  1. Students will become familiar with the concepts of creative writing, particularly the elements of poetry, fiction, and drama.
  1. Students will employ the concepts of literature to analyze the mentor texts of selected authors to craft original stories, poems, and plays.
  1. Students will use Lerman method for critical response to facilitate the revision process and evaluate the quality of their own manuscripts and the manuscripts of others.
  1. Students will learn to revise manuscripts based upon the critical evaluations received in writing workshops.


CreativityCartoonEssential Questions:  What is creativity?  What makes writing creative? What kind of social classroom conditions promote creativity? How do we as a community of artists eliminate obstacles to writing creatively?

Objective 1: After reflecting on and discussing the characteristics of creative writing by participating in 4 Square discussion and “This is not a blank page” activity, students will establish classroom guidelines that will promote a creative artistic community that respects individual perspectives and interests.

I. Pre-Writing: What is creativity discussion?

II.  Writing: Community Guidelines Discussion

III.  Post Writing: Values and Guidelines to nurture a creative community.


MagritteObjective 2: Students will become familiar with elements of narrative writing by completing “Choose Your Own Adventure” Writing Exercise.

I.  Pre-Writing: This is not a blank page.

II. Reading: Why Creative Writing?

III. Writing: Choose Your Own Adventure

IV. Post-Writing: Peer Feedback Process

Objective 3: Students will use Lerman Method for Critical Feedback to evaluate peer’s work.

I.  Essential Questions: What is constructive feedback? Does it differ from criticism? How so?

communityofwritersII.  Use Lerman Method for Critical Feedback to evaluate peer’s work.

a. Writer sets a writer goal: Examples: More vivid introduction, Build better conflict, characterization and development, increase action and suspense, clear/ ambiguous resolution, etc.

b. Based on goal: writer poses 1-2 questions for the peer to respond to.

c. Peer provides 1.) Props and praise 2.) Answers Questions 3.) Asks a questions? 4.) States constructive opinion 5.) Images or phrases that were memorable and stood out.

III.  Use Peer Feedback to Revise Choose Your Own Adventure: Focus on Imagery and Setting