This week in Ms. Alba’s Class: 2.18-2.21

Period 1: Mexican American Literature and Culture

This week, Mexican American Literature Scholars will define IDENTITY TERMS and apply these to philosophical chairs discussion and analysis of Frank Mundo’s “How I Became a Mexican”, Michele Serros “Senior Picture” and Al Madrigal’s “Half Like Me.” 

Tuesday: 1.) Guest Speaker: Frank Mundo, “How I Became a Mexican”

Wednesday: 1.) Identity Terms 2.) Identity Corners 3.) Al Madrigal “Half Like Me” Part 1

Thursday: 1) Identity Quote Analysis 2.) “Senior Picture” by Michele Serros

Friday: Compare “Senior Picture” and “How I Became a Mexican” by Frank Mundo

Period 2 & 3: AP Seminar

This week, AP Seminar Scholars will understand and Analyze arguments regarding their disciplinary focus by completing an annotated bibliography and introduction to Individual Research Report.

Tuesday: Timed Write Introduction

Wednesday: Peer Revision for IRR Introduction

Thursday: Research Day

Friday: Research Day

H.W. By Monday Annotated Bibliography with at least 10 sources, TYPE INTRODUCTION

Period 5 & 6: English 3P Honors

This week, English 3P Honors Scholars will write Dialogue and Ekphrastic Poems and Prepare a photo essay on “Freedom.”

Tuesday: Dialogue Poems

Wednesday: Ekphrastic Poems

Thursday: Photo Essay Day 1

Friday: Photo Essay Day 2

H.W. Photo Essay Group Presentation Due on Monday