2014 English 3P Honors Summer Reading

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The Crucible by Arthus Miller

The Jungle by Sinclair Lewis

The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

The purpose of the Summer Reading list is to provide students entering the English 3P Honors Class an opportunity to preview important authors, themes, and cultural contexts which we will be exploring throughout the school year.  English 3P is a survey of American literature which explores the evolving nature of America both as a political entity and a philosophical concept.   As you read these great works by American writers identify the way the writer answers the class’s essential questions:

1. How do these books help define America? What defines the “American” characters of these works of literature?  How does power or lack of power influence those definitions? 

2.  How do historical events inspire artistic and cultural movements that produce literary works such as those on the Summer Reading List? 

3.  How have works of art and literature in the United States helped define “America” as an idea and the “American” as a character across time? 

4. How does art and literature empower/ disempower groups of people and individuals in the United States?

5.  How have writers and artists influenced current “American” values and politics?