This week in Ms. Alba’s Class: 2.24-2.28

Period 1: Mexican American Literature and Culture

This week, Mexican American Literature Scholars will apply IDENTITY TERMS and  to IDENTITY CORNERS discussion and COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS of Frank Mundo’s “How I Became a Mexican”, Michele Serros “Senior Picture” and Gloria Anzaldua’s “Toward a Chicana Consciousness.” 

Monday: 1.) 3-2-1- Check In and Notebook Self- Evaluation (Interactive Notebook Rubric) 2.) Give One Get One Discussion of “Senior Picture Day”

Tuesday: 1.) Identity Quote Analysis 2.) “Michele Serros on La Plaza” Part 1 & Part 2 3.) Comparative Summmary

Wednesday: Mexican/ Latinx/ Hispanic/ Chican@: What the difference? 2.) Gloria Anzaldua

Thursday: Discuss “Toward a Consciencia Mestiza” 2.) Who is the Chicano? What does the Chicano Want by Ruben Salazar

Friday: Field Trip to UCI

Period 2 & 3: AP Seminar

This week, AP Seminar Scholars will understand and Analyze arguments regarding their disciplinary focus by completing an annotated bibliography and writing BODY PARAGRAPHS OF Individual Research Report.

Monday: Timed Write Body Paragraphs

Tuesday: Peer Revision for IRR Body Paragraphs

Wednesday: Research Day

Thursday: Research Report Back Day

Friday: Field Trip to UCI

H.W.  Write the Conclusion to IRR

Period 5 & 6: English 3P Honors

This week, English 3P Honors Scholars will recite Dialogue Poems and present speeches on Views of Freedom.

Monday: Dialogue Poem Recitations

Tuesday: Work on Views of Freedom Group Presentation

Wednesday: Views of Freedom Group Presentation

Thursday: Views of Freedom Presentation Day 1

Friday: Field Trip to UCI