The Namesake Final Essay Resource List

Purpose: The Namesake Final Essay will be evidence of your ability to use FEEDBACK to revise and refine your writing.  Use the resources below to revise your original timed write and show growth. Your essay MUST BE 800-1000 words TYPED in MLA FORMAT.  Use all previous work and the following resources as support.  

  1. The Namesake Full Essay Single Point Rubric for TIMED WRITE
  3. Sample Literary Analysis Essay synthesis
  4. How to format essay in MLA Format on Google Docs
  5. Literary Analysis Thesis Guide: Video
  6. Powerful Verbs for Essays
  7. The Ten Commandments of Literary Quotation

This week in Ms. Alba’s Class 11.5-11.9

AP Seminar: Period 1

Monday: 1. Presentation Prep: Do and Don’t 2.) Use ACOVA Checklist and Preview Presentation with a partner.

Tuesday: 1.) Presentation Prep a.) Rehearsal with ACOVA Checklist

Wednesday: Presentation Day 1: ACOVA Peer Review & IMP RUBRIC

Thursday: Presentation Day 2

Friday: Presentation Day 3

H.W. Prepare for EOC Section II Free Response Questions Timed Write  Student Samples 

Mexican American Literature and Culture: Period 2, 6

Monday: The Head of Joaquin Murrieta by John J. Valadez

Tuesday: Introduction Study of Corridos: Corridos Graffitti Wall Questions

Wednesday: 1.) Corridos as Counternarratives from the Voices of the Subaltern 2. Your Life in a Five Song Playlist

Thursday: Introduction to Americo Paredes Corrido de Joaquin Murrieta and El Corrido de Gregorio Cortez Comparative Analysis

Friday: 1. “El Corrido” by Los Tigres del Norte Lyric Quick Analysis What is the Corrido Infosheet 2.) Corrido de Joaquin Murrieta and El Corrido de Gregorio Cortez SOAPS Analysis

English 3P: Period 3, 4

Monday: The Namesake Essay Revision Workshop.  Essay Revision

H.W. The Namesake MLA Format Revised Essay with Background Paragraph due on Tuesday, November 13! Tools: Revision Checklist

Tuesday: Essay Revision Presentation: The Power of a Literary Analysis Thesis: Guide

Wednesday: 1. Thesis Statement Revisions: Literary Analysis Thesis: Guide  Jordan Quote Analysis 2.) Democracy 4 square Prep

Friday: Democracy 4 square

H.W. The Namesake Revised Essay with all Background Work due November 13-16!


This week in Ms. Alba’s Class 10.29-11.2

AP Seminar: Period 1

Monday: 1. What is an Annotated Bibliography? Annotated Bibliography Due on Friday: 5 Citations, 5 Annotations, 5 sentences each minimum.

Tuesday: 1.) Complete Five Entries for Annotated Bibliography by Friday.

Wednesday: 1.) Classic Model for an Argument? 2.) Just the Facts: Line of Reasoning Infographic: Example 3.) Play with Piktochart or Continue Working on Annotated Bibliography.

Thursday: Presentation Prep

Friday: Presentation Prep: Use ACOVA Checklist and Preview Presentation with a partner.

Mexican American Literature: Period 2 & 6

Monday: 1.) Review Metanarrative 2.) OPTIC Analysis of John Gast’s “American Progress”

Tuesday:2) What is a COUNTERNARRATIVE? 2.) OPTIC Analysis on Lalo Alcaraz’s “Never Forget”

Wednesday: 1. Lalo Alcaraz Background 2.) Comparative Summary on “American Progress” and”Never Forget”

Thursday: 1.) What is a CORRIDO? Why study CORRIDOS? 2.) Introduction to Americo Paredes

Friday: Guest Speaker: Frank Mundo author of “How I Became a Mexican” The Brubury Tales, Different, and Touched by an Anglo

English 3P Honors: Period 3 & 4

Monday: 1.) Expert Corners and Literary Circles for Ch. 10-12 of The Namesake

Tuesday: Quarter 1 Benchmark

Wednesday: Socratic Seminar for The Namesake

Thursday: World Cafe

Friday: Collection 1 Unit Final Timed Write: Rubric

This week in Ms. Alba’s Class: 10.22-10.26

AP Seminar: Period 1

Monday: He Named Me Malala

H.W.  Notebooks due this Friday

Tuesday: Socratic Seminar Socratic Seminar Question Stems REV & Socratic Seminar Evaluation Guide Issues in Education Socratic Seminar

Wednesday: 1.) Socratic Seminar Final Thoughts 2.) AP Seminar FRQ 2017 Section II Question Student Anchor Analysis

ThursdayStudent Anchor Analysis  

H.W. Choose a stance from Education Philosophical Chairs and Print 4 CREDIBLE Sources.  (See Google Classroom)

Friday: 1.) Notebook Reflection 2.) Write a Works Cited Page: Formatting 3.) H.W. Annotated Bibliography

Mexican American Literature: Period 2 and 6

Monday: “Foreigners in their Own Land”

H.W. Notebooks due this Friday 10/26

Tuesday: Introduction to Birth of Mexican American: “Foreigners in their Own Land”

Wednesday: Expository Summary for Foreigners in their Own Land

Thursday: Introduction to Metanarrative of Manifest Destiny: “Definition” By Luis Alberto Urrea

Friday: 1.) What is a METANARRATIVE?  2.) What makes MANIFEST DESTINY an example of a METANARRATIVE?

English 3P Honors: Period 3  and 4

Monday: Read Ch. 9-10 of The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri

H.W. Finish The Namesake by Thursday, Notebooks due on Friday

Tuesday: 1. Summary Check 2.  Expert Corners 3. Literary Circles

Wednesday: World Cafe on Ch. 9-10 of The Namesake

Thursday: Progress Check 1.4 on Chapter 6-19 of The Namesake

Friday: Progress Check Revision: Notebooks Due!

H.W. Finish The Namesake and Prepare for Socratic Seminar on Monday!


This week in Ms. Alba’s Class: 10.15-10.19

AP Seminar: Period 1

Monday: 1.) Formatting Works Cited Page 2.) Group Argument Work Day #2 & Individual Conferences: Presentation Outline

H.W. Presentations on Wednesday, October 17: Rubric

Tuesday: 1.) Group Argument Work Day #3

Wednesday: Presentation Rubric Emphasis on Performance and Design (PVLEG Rubric)

Thursday: Individual Research Day #1

Friday: Group Project Debrief

Mexican American Literature: Period 2 & 6

Monday:Identity Unit Portfolio: Reflection & Cover

Tuesday:Identity Unit Portfolio Day #2: Reflection & Cover

WednesdayIdentity Unit Portfolio: Summarizing Statements and Responses

Thursday: Identity Unit Portfolio: Editing and Revising

FridayIdentity Symposium

English 3P Honors: Period 3 & 4

Monday: The Namesake Socratic Seminar #1

H.W. Read & Summarize Ch. 6-8 by Thursday 10/18

Tuesday: Progress Check: Ch. 1-5

Wednesday: Progress Check Revision

Thursday: 1.) Ch. 6-8 Summary Check 2.) Expert Corners for Ch. 6-8 3.) Literary Circles

FridayThe Namesake Ch. 6-8v Chapter Summary and Literary Circles

H.W. Read Ch. 9-10 by Tuesday, October 23 and complete Chapter Summary and Lit Circle Expertise!

This week in Ms. Alba’s Class: Weekly Updates 10.8-10.12

AP Seminar: Period 1

Monday: 1.) Selecting and Using Evidence Project:  Online Mags  v. Online News Sources

Tuesday: 1.) Stance Statement Draft 2.) Google Scholar and  EBSCOHost Introduction

Wednesday: PSAT

Thursday: 1.) Type Individual Stance Statement use MLA style format 2.) Group Argument Work Day #1:

Group Presentation Outline

I.) Attention to TOPIC & Necessary Background: What are you presenting about and why?

II.) CLAIM: Turn stance into question and write a concise answer as your THESIS/CLAIM.

III.) REASONING: Reasoning should support claim 1 & 2 supported by credible evidence (all sources cited) integrate all parts of the Aristotelian Triangle (ethos, pathos, logos) but AVOID TOO MUCH TEXT.

IV.) COUNTERCLAIMSWhat would those who disagree with your group’s position argue?  Why are they wrong?  (Support with documented credible evidence)

V.) CONCLUSION and CALL TO ACTION:  What would you like people to do if they agree with your conclusions?

Friday: 1.) Group Argument Work Day #2 & Individual Conferences: Presentation Outline

H.W. Presentations on Wednesday, October 17: Rubric

Mexican American Literature: Period 2 & 6

Monday: Ekphrastic Poems

Tuesday: Magnetic Poetry inspired by Frank Mundo’s “How I Became a Mexican”

Wednesday: Identity Unit Portfolio

Thursday: Identity Portfolio Day 2

Friday: Inocente: How does art help Inocente build a sense of self and identity?

English 3P Honors: Period 3 & 4

Monday: The Namesake Ch. 1 & 2 Chapter Summary: The Namesake Unit Map

H.W. Read and Summarize Ch. 3-5 by Friday, October 12: Complete Chapter Summary:

Tuesday: 1.) Definition of Assimilation 2.) “Indian Boy Love Song” by Sherman Alexie Analysis 3. Literary Circles for The Namesake Ch. 1-2

Wednesday: PSAT

Thursday: “Indian Boy Love Song” and “New Orleans” by Joy Harjo Comparative Summary

Friday: The Namesake Ch. 3-5 Chapter Summary Check and Literary Circles

H.W. Socratic Seminar on Monday 10/15 Read & Summarize Ch. 6-8 by Thursday 10/18

This week in Ms. Alba’s Class…10.1-10.5

AP Seminar

Monday: 1.) Paulo Freire Quote Analysis 2.) Philosophical ChairsEducation Philosophical Chairs

Tuesday 2.)Education Philosophical Chairs

Wednesday: 1.) Credible Argument Group Project Day 1: Video & Handout Selecting and Using Evidence

Thursday: 1.) Notebooks are DUE 2.) Report Back on Evidence

FridayHe Named Me Malala

Mexican American Literature and Culture

Monday: David Botello “Read Between the Lines” OPTIC Analysis 

Tuesday: “Dream of Flight” and “Read Between the Lines” David Botello Comparative Analysis

Wednesday: Look Poems

Thursday: Magnetic Poems

Friday: Inocente

English 3P Honors, Period 3-4

Monday: Progress Check 1.2 Irony and Anecdote in Amy Tan’s Mother Tongue & Richard Rodriguez’s “Blaxicans and Other Reinvented Americans”

Tuesday: Progress Check Revision and Progress Check Reflection Log

H.W.) Read Viet Thanh NguyenThe Immigrant’s Fate is Everyone’s”

Wednesday: Socratic Seminar #2 Prep: Collection 1 Socratic SeminarSocratic Seminar Question Stems

Thursday: 1.) Collection 1 Socratic Seminar, Socratic Seminar Evaluation Guide 2.) Turn in Notebooks: Rubric

Friday:  Read Ch. 1-2 The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri: Summarize Chapters 

  • Big Question for Chapter 1-2 (pp. 1-47): How does Lahiri’s characterization of Ashoke and Ashima begin to introduce the idea of ASSIMILATION to the reader? How doe sit compare to Richard Rodriguez’s stance in “Blaxicans and Other Invented Americans”? 

This week in Ms. Alba’s Class: 9.24-9.28

AP Seminar, Period 1

Monday: 1.) AP Capstone Meeting: Sign Up for Dashboard & Parent Meeting 2.) Group Project Meeting: How will you PVLEGS to effectively communicate your argument about the PURPOSE of EDUCATION?

Tuesday: 1. 3 Minute Thesis PVLEG Analysis: How do presenters create and maintain an appropriate relationship with the audience through  POISE, VOICE, LIFE, EYE CONTACT, GESTURES 2. Group Project Presentations w/ Performance Focus on PVLEG

Wednesday: 1.) PVLEG Reflection 2.) EOC Section 1: Rubric Analysis Essay Calibration and Analysis

Thursday: Essay Calibration and Analysis

Friday: EOC Section 1: Question 1, 2, 3 Peer Evaluation and Self Reflection

Mexican American Literature: Period 2, 6

Monday: 1.) Half Like Me Debrief 2.) Quote Four Corner Discussion 3.) Introduction to  “Silence Concerning an Ancient Stone”

Tuesday: “Silence Concerning an Ancient Stone” Summary & Discussion

Wednesday: Guest Speaker: Karina Valdez, GGHS College Advisor

Thursday“Read Between the Lines” Mural by David Botello and Poetry Workshops

Friday: 1.) “Read Between the Lines” Mural by David Botello 2.) “Half Like Me” Part 2

English 3P Honors:

Monday: 1.) Progress Check Revision Day 2

H.W. Read Mother Tongue by Amy Tan in Close Reader complete annotations in book and analysis question in NOTEBOOK 

Tuesday: 1.) Introduction to “Blaxicans and Other Reinvented America” 2.) Richard Rodriguez  Compare Rodriguez and Tan’s use of ANECDOTE & IRONY to convey views of ASSIMILATION.“Blaxicans and Other Reinvented Americans” by Richard Rodriguez 

Wednesday: 1.) Write Comparative Summary of Rodriguez and Tan 2.) Read Viet Thanh NguyenThe Immigrant’s Fate is Everyone’s”

Thursday: 1.) Pick up The Namesake from the Bookstore 2.) Read Viet Thanh NguyenThe Immigrant’s Fate is Everyone’s”

Friday: Socratic Seminar #2

This week in Ms. Alba’s Class: 9.17-9.21 Weekly Updates

Period 1: AP Seminar

Monday: 1.) Capstone Scholars Meeting: (Meeting Notes) 2.) Socratic Chairs Prep: Do you agree or disagree with  “Dropping out of College” by Rainford Stauffer (newspaper editorial)? Why or why not?

H.W. Instagram Tag or Google Class @AlbasClassGGHS: Photo Answer to “What is the purpose of education?” Video Interviews or Photo Essay (Keep it Academic!) by Tuesday 9/25.  Include #Hashtags 

Tuesday: 1.) Socratic Chairs Discussion: Rainsford Stauffer v. Hzun Tsu 2.) Finding the line of reasoning by Marking the Text

H.W. Read “Dropping Out of College and Paying the Price by Eduardo Porter” for first Progress Check: a. Identify the author’s argument? b. Identify the author’s line of reasoning by identifying claims used to build the argument and connections between them c. Evaluate the effectiveness of the evidence used to support claims.  

Wednesday:  Progress Check #1: EOC Section 1

Thursday:  Progress Check Analysis and Self Evaluation

Friday: Guest Speaker Walter Muneton

Period 2, 6: Mexican American Literature and Culture

Monday Analytical Summary of Frank Mundo’s “How I Became a Mexican” from Ban This! The BSP Anthlogy of Xican@ Literature (Lines of Communication)

Tuesday: 1.  Michelle Serros Background: What does the short story “Senior Picture Day” reveal about the narrator’s identity and her relationship to an “Indian” heritage? 2. “Senior Picture Day” from How to be a Chicana Role Model

WednesdayWhat does the short story “Senior Picture Day” reveal about the narrator’s identity and her relationship to an “Indian” heritage? 2. “Senior Picture Day” from How to be a Chicana Role Model

Thursday:  1.) After watching Part II of La Plaza Interview with Michele Serros, students will write a Author Background Paragraph on Michele Serros 2.) Write an Expository Summary

Friday: 1.) Assimilation? Acculturation? or Resistance? Write an Expository Summary on Michele Serros’s short story “Senior Picture Day”  2.) Complete Cornell Notes from “Half Like Me” by Al Madrigal

Period 3,4: English 3P Honors

Monday: Second Read of William Bradford’s “Of Plymouth Plantation”

HW. The Crucible Novel Response due Friday 9/21

Tuesday: Complete Summary Template on “Of Plymouth Plantation” 2.) Bradford Coffee House Discussion

Wednesday: Progress Check #1: How does William Bradford use IMAGERY and ALLUSION to support CENTRAL IDEA?

Thursday: Progress Check Revision: Revision Guide & Progress Check Reflection Log

Friday: 1. Turn in The Crucible Reader Response Essay: 2. Finish Writing Workshop for “Of Plymouth Plantation: by William Bradford” Progress Check Revision.