Harlem Renaissance: A Movement Study



Harlem Renaissance: Close Reading a Movement

3P Unit Goal:  After researching Harlem Renaissance artists and writers, students will create a presentation which highlights the movement’s contributions to discourse on American EQUALITY.


1.  What is a cultural movement?  What are the defining characteristics of the Harlem Renaissance as an artistic and cultural movement?

2.  How did the Harlem Renaissance view the American ideals of EQUALITY? Why?

3. How did views expressed by Harlem Renaissance artists, musicians, writers, and philosophers define the “American” as an idea and the United States of America as a political and cultural entity?

4.  How did the calls for EQUALITY expressed by Harlem Renaissance literature in U.S. history inspire and shape artistic, cultural, and political movements?

Unit Terms:

Great Migration, Jazz, improvisation, individuality, social justice, equality, discourse, voice, point of view, form, literary trope

Objective 1: Historical Background & Philosophical Context

I.  Pre-Reading: Harlem Renaissance Intro Notes Harlem Renaissance Video

II.  Reading: HARLEM INTELLECTS & Dialectical Journal

III.  Post Reading3-2-1 Check In

Objective 2: Langston Hughes Author Study

I.  Pre-ReadingBackground Video & Author Background Circle Map and Paragraph Frame

II.  Reading: Close Read Theme for English B by Langston Hughes by Langston Hughes

III.  Post Reading: Write an Analytical Summary

Objective 3: Research a Harlem Renaissance Author

I. Pre-Reading: Research Step1: Choose a subject

II.  Reading:  Webquest on Element and Personality of the Movement & Find Credible Sources

III.  Post Reading: Research Step 2: Write a background paragraph on subject & Works Cited Page

Objective 4: Powerpoint Presentation

I.  Pre-Writing: Template for Project

II.  Writing:  Select Textual Examples which best reveal author/artist/musician/ thinker’s ideas & Write Summary Template and SOAPS

III.  Post-WritingSelect an Appropriate Presentation Medium and Source

Objective 5: Presentation

I.  Presentation Prep: Multimedia Presentation Rubric with Works Cited

II.  Student Samples: Student A, Student B

III.  Project Reflection & Presentation Assessment by Audience