This week in Ms. Alba’s Class: 11.25-12.1

AP Seminar: Period 1

This week, we will begin to familiarize ourselves with Team Multimedia Presentation and begin to build on TOPICS of interest.  

Tuesday: EOC Section II Essay Revision: Content Analysis

H.W. Use Feedback to Revise and Rewrite your AP SEMINAR FREE RESPONSE Individual Argument.  Use PEER FEEDBACK, the Argument Outline Template , Essay Revision POWERPOINT, and Academic Conversation Templates to PROFESSIONALIZE your ideas.  The essay MUST be typed and written in MLA format (VIDEO TUTORIAL) and include a properly formatted Works Cited (VIDEO TUTORIAL) Page.  This is due on Monday, December 3rd.

Wednesday:  Presentation Retakes & AP Capstone Seminar Performance Task Handouts 1 and 2: Individual Research Report (Sample & Rubric) & Team Multimedia Presentation (Sample & Rubric)

Thursday: 1.) Read “This Article Won’t Change Your Mind” by Julie Beck 2.) Write E-Link Annotated Bibliography Three Articles about things that matter to you Themes and Perspectives

Friday: 1. Quaker Share and Quick Analysis“This Article Won’t Change Your Mind” 2. Topic Interest Interviews

H.W. Revise AP SEMINAR FREE RESPONSE Individual Argument, Flip Grid Introduction & Team Member Requests

Mexican American Literature: Period 2

Tuesday: Watch Film:  The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez written by Americo Paredes & Victor Villaseñor 

Wednesday: Finish Film and Corrido Archetypes

Thursday: 1.) Gregorio Cortez: the myth &  the man

Friday: 1.) Corridos as Counternarratives Unit Debrief Poems

English 3P Honors: Period 3 & 4

Tuesday: Colonial Poetry: Phyllis Wheatley and Philip Freneau and the poets’ vision of America.

Wednesday: Introduction to Debate

Thursday:Debate Prep Day 1

Friday: 1.  What is an Annotated Bibliography: How do you make one using SOAPS)? Debate Prep Day 2: After being given Debate Stance using previous Building a Democracy: Four Square Discussion stances and outline team member roles using TEAM DEBATES: Directions (PDF).

H.W. Over the weekend select TWO Sources from the COLLECTION 2: Building a Democracy and Research TWO CREDIBLE SOURCES to defend your group’s stance.  Create an Annotated Bibliography with an analytical summary of all your sources.  This will be due on Debate Day: Wednesday and Thursday, December 5 & 6.

This week in Ms. Alba’s Class: 11.11-11.16

AP Seminar: Period 1

Tuesday: Last Presentation Day  ACOVA &  IMP RUBRIC

H.W. Prepare for EOC Part B Free Response Questions (FRQ) Timed Write  Student Samples 

Wednesday: EOC Section II FRQ Timed Write

Thursday: EOC Section II FRQ Peer Evaluation: Essay Revision

H.W. Revised FRQ w/ Feedback due Friday 11/16

Friday: View Presentation Video and Use Feedback to Reflect on Presentation Proficiencies.

Mexican American Literature: Period 2 & 6

Tuesday: Corrido de Joaquin Murrieta and El Corrido de Gregorio Cortez SOAPS Analysis

Wednesday: Comparative Summary ofJoaquin Murrieta and El Corrido de Gregorio Cortez

Thursday: Introduction to Gregorio Cortez: Notes The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez

Friday: Watch The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez

English 3P Honors: Period 3 & 4

Tuesday: Building a Democracy Compare Foundational Documents using SOAPS

  1. Jefferson Notes 2.) The Declaration of Independence 3.)  H.W. Read The Constitution in The Close Reader and Complete SOAPS

Wednesday: Building a Democracy Compare Foundational Documents using SOAPS

  1.  Review The Consitution SOAPS 2. Comparative Summary for  The Declaration of Independence & The Constitution

Thursday: 1. Compare democratic ideals and evaluate their impact on American government by reading Ron Chernow’s “Thomas Jefferson & Alexander Hamilton: The Best of Enemies” p. 141 in the Textbook. 2. Analyze the purpose of Chernow’s historical article by completing SOAPS.

Friday: Compare democratic ideals and evaluate their impact on American government by participating in Building a Democracy Learning Stations.

  1. Interactive Notebook DUE 2.) Building A Democracy Learning Stations 3. SOAPS

The Namesake Final Essay Resource List

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Purpose: The Namesake Final Essay will be evidence of your ability to use FEEDBACK to revise and refine your writing.  Use the resources below to revise your original timed write and show growth. Your essay MUST BE 800-1000 words TYPED in MLA FORMAT.  Use all previous work and the following resources as support.  

  1. The Namesake Full Essay Single Point Rubric for TIMED WRITE
  3. Sample Literary Analysis Essay synthesis
  4. How to format essay in MLA Format on Google Docs
  5. Literary Analysis Thesis Guide: Video
  6. Powerful Verbs for Essays
  7. The Ten Commandments of Literary Quotation
  8. Sentence Variety

This week in Ms. Alba’s Class 11.5-11.9

AP Seminar: Period 1

Monday: 1. Presentation Prep: Do and Don’t 2.) Use ACOVA Checklist and Preview Presentation with a partner.

Tuesday: 1.) Presentation Prep a.) Rehearsal with ACOVA Checklist

Wednesday: Presentation Day 1: ACOVA Peer Review & IMP RUBRIC

Thursday: Presentation Day 2

Friday: Presentation Day 3

H.W. Prepare for EOC Section II Free Response Questions Timed Write  Student Samples 

Mexican American Literature and Culture: Period 2, 6

Monday: The Head of Joaquin Murrieta by John J. Valadez

Tuesday: Introduction Study of Corridos: Corridos Graffitti Wall Questions

Wednesday: 1.) Corridos as Counternarratives from the Voices of the Subaltern 2. Your Life in a Five Song Playlist

Thursday: Introduction to Americo Paredes Corrido de Joaquin Murrieta and El Corrido de Gregorio Cortez Comparative Analysis

Friday: 1. “El Corrido” by Los Tigres del Norte Lyric Quick Analysis What is the Corrido Infosheet 2.) Corrido de Joaquin Murrieta and El Corrido de Gregorio Cortez SOAPS Analysis

English 3P: Period 3, 4

Monday: The Namesake Essay Revision Workshop.  Essay Revision

H.W. The Namesake MLA Format Revised Essay with Background Paragraph due on Tuesday, November 13! Tools: Revision Checklist

Tuesday: Essay Revision Presentation: The Power of a Literary Analysis Thesis: Guide

Wednesday: 1. Thesis Statement Revisions: Literary Analysis Thesis: Guide  Jordan Quote Analysis 2.) Democracy 4 square Prep

Friday: Democracy 4 square

H.W. The Namesake Revised Essay with all Background Work due November 13-16!