Novel Study: The Namesake

English 3P Honors Unit Goal:

After reading and analyzing Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake, students will write an essay that analyzes how the author conveys THEME of ASSIMILATION through the use of plot, characters, and conflicts.

” He had tried to correct that randomness, that error.  And yet it had not been possible to reinvent himself fully to break from that mismatched name.”

Essential Questions:

  1. What are Jhumpa Lahiri’s views of ASSIMILATION and the immigrant experience?
  2. How does LAHIRI reveal her views and ideals in her novel, The Namesake?
  3. What THEMES are revealed and what lessons are to be learned from its symbolic characters and the outcome of events?

Objective 1: Discuss and Connect to Context

  1.  Pre-Discussion: Assimilation to What? by George Llopis
  2. Discussion: Socratic Seminar
  3. Post-Discussion: Socratic Seminar Evaluation & Final Thoughts

Objective 2: Analyze plot, characters, conflicts, as they relate to theme of ASSIMILATION.  

1.  Pre-Reading: Author Background

2.  Reading: Complete Chapter Summary that Answers The Namesake Reading Questions

3. Post Reading: “From Calcutta to Suburbia” by Michiko Kakutani

Objective 3: Write an Analytical Essay that examines plot, characters, conflicts, as they relate to theme of ASSIMILATION. 

I.  Pre-Writing: Timed Write Prep Tool

II.  Writing: The Namesake Revised Essay Resource List

III.  Post-WritingRubric