English 3P

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ENGLISH 3P: American Essentials

american-flag-pop-artInstructor: Ms. Alba

E-maillalba@ggusd.us or msalbasclassgghs@gmail.com

Twitter Feed: @AlbasclassGGHS

Office Hours: Monday & Wednesday 3-4:00 p.m. & by appointment

Class Website:  www.msalbasclass.com

Class Objectives

English 3P will focus on American Literature and Composition.  The content will provide a survey of the major literary forms, topics and themes across the history of the United States from pre-colonial times to present day. Students will focus on the major literary forms of the emerging nation, analyze the literary themes and trends, and research and compose several papers, speeches, and presentations using representative forms of discourse.

Essential Questions:

1. What defines America? What defines the “American”? How have those definitions changed over time? How does power influence those definitions? 

2.  How do historical events inspire artistic and cultural movements? 

3.  How has art and literature in the United States helped define “America” as an idea and the “American” as a character across time? 

4. How does art and literature empower/ disempower groups of people in the United States?

5.  How have writers and artists influenced current “American” values and politics?