Creative Writing Community Guidelines: Compiled by 4th period

communityofwritersToday, we began the process of establishing a safe environment that promotes creativity, collegiality, and risk.

BY ANSWERING THE ESSENTIAL QUESTION: What kind of social classroom conditions promote creativity? How do we as a community of artists eliminate obstacles to writing creatively?

As a community of artists, writers, daydreamers, risk takers, CREATORS we know that we shall:

Be confident

as we make mistakes

Amplify ideas

that are honest &




& encouraging.

We shall keep calm.

Help someone if asked,

with constructive criticism

through feedback that is

respectful & original

because we pay attention

to inspire &

motivate others to start

engaging in conversations for ideas

compliment and be kind to people’s work

Make eye contact

share random ideas.

Say random ideas,

write random ideas,

So be yourself

be open minded

and most of all communicate.


In order to do this we won’t

Fight, be shy, dishonest

or insult.

We won’t be obnoxious,


or critique negatively through disrespect

that makes fun of people’s work.

If feeling nervous or insecure, we won’t hide it

by disturbing others,

yelling across the room,

lying about work,

stealing ideas,

acting rude,




make fun of others,


acting bored,

gossiping or have side conversations.


We will not laugh at someone’s work unless its supposed to provoke that

because we don’t mess with someone’s work


So don’t be afraid to say what you think.