This week in Ms. Alba’s Class: 9.23-9.27

Period 1:  Mexican American Literature & Culture

This week, Mexican American Literature & Culture will study the context IDENTITY in Mexican American Literature and analyze it in “Senior Picture” by Michelle Serros, “Silence Concerning an Ancient Stone” by Rosario Castellanos.

Monday: Finish “When World Collide” The untold story of the Americas after Columbus”

Tuesday: Write a Summary “When Worlds Collide”

Wednesday: “Senior Picture” by Michele Serros

Thursday: Write a Summary “Senior Picture”

Friday: Turn in Notebooks and Type Summary of Choice

Period 2 & 3:  AP Seminar

This week AP Seminar will read and write analyses of arguments on education and will prepare to deliver an individual argument using PVLEGS.

Monday: EOC Practice: Section A

Tuesday: EOC Revision

Wednesday: 1. Argument Outline 2. Three Minute Thesis 3. How to avoid Death by Powerpoint by David JP Phillips

Thursday:  Speed Practice & Create Flip Grid Videos

Friday: 1.  Notebook Reflections 2. FlipGrid Dress Rehearsal Screenings

H.W. Practice Individual Performance with Peer Coach.

English 3P Honors

This week English 3P Honors will read and write analyses of arguments on IMMIGRATION and ASSIMILATION.

Monday: The Crucible Philosophical Chairs: The Crucible Paragraph due Friday

Tuesday: Progress Check Revision

H.W. Read “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan in Close Reader complete annotations in book and analysis question in NOTEBOOK 

Wednesday: 1.) Introduction to “Blaxicans and Other Reinvented America” 2.) Richard Rodriguez  Compare Rodriguez and Tan’s use of ANECDOTE & IRONY to convey views of ASSIMILATION.“Blaxicans and Other Reinvented Americans” by Richard Rodriguez 

Thursday: 1.) Write Comparative Summary of Rodriguez and Tan

Friday: a.  Turn in The Crucible Paragraphs b. Coffeehouse Discussion