This week in Ms. Alba’s Class: 1.6-1.10.2020

Mexican American Literature & Culture: Period 1

This week in Mexican American Literature and Culture, scholars will write Manifest Destiny perspective poems, and discuss female archetypes in Mexican American Literature by reading about Modesta Avila, viewing Bless Me Ultima, and writing FOUND POEMS inspired by Sandra Cisneros’s “Woman Hollering Creek.” 

Monday: Manifest Destiny Perspective Poems: Draft Day

Tuesday: Finish Manifest Destiny Perspective Poems

Wednesday: Who was Modesta AvilaWhy does she “haunt” San Juan Capistrano?

Thursday: “Woman Hollering Creek” by Sandra Cisneros

Friday: Write BioPoem or Found Poem or Ekphrastic Poem

AP Seminar: Period 2 & 3

This week in AP SEMINAR, scholars will prepare to write YOUTHSPEAK Speech on “Achieving Justice” by finding and sharing sources that inspire their thoughts/ ideas on TOPIC.  

Monday: 1. MOCK TMP Reflection 2. YouthSpeak Contest Directions and Prompt 3.  Order Capstone Sweatshirts

Tuesday: 1.  Summarizing Statement on Article DUE 2. Outlining and Organizing your Speech

Wednesday: 1. Outlining and Organizing your Speech 2. Late Start Cite and SOAP source

Thursday: 1.  Prepare for Socratic Seminar on “Achieving Justice”: Annotated Bibliography w/ Follow Up Questions

Friday: 1. Socratic Seminar on Achieving Justice 2. Timed Write: EOC Section II Practice H.W. Outline YOUR SPEECH to prep for TIMED WRITE.

English 3P Honors: Period 5 & 6

This week in English 3P Honors: scholars will identify the features of Dark Romanticism in Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” and Ch. 11-20 of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter.

Monday: The Scarlet Letter Ch. 11-16 Quick Analysis

Tuesday: 1. Literary Circles Ch. 11-16

H.W. Read and Summarize Ch. 17-20 of The Scarlet Letter

Wednesday: 1. Who Edgar Allan Poe ? 2. What makes “The Raven” the seminal example of Dark Romanticism?

Thursday: Finish “The Raven” and prepare for Socratic Seminar on Dark Romanticism

Friday: Socratic Seminar on Dark Romanticism