Progress Check on Monday 9/15 for English 3P & 3P Honors

Okay Kids! As promised, on Monday you will complete your first official progress check for Unit 1: Encounters and Foundations.  The progress check will be for the purpose of assessing or measuring your progress toward our unit goal by meeting the following objectives:

1. Define concept of America and American Identity.

2. Describe the historical contexts of Early American literature by explaining the effects of European settlements on American Indian populations and comparing Puritan and Rationalist views on God, human nature, and government.

3.  Completing a formal academic paragraph that integrates and analyzes evidence.

4.  English 3P HONORS you should also be prepared to summarize ACT 1 and identify how elements of the exposition serve to introduce the readers to ideas of American Identity and human nature.

For those of you who did not finish the gallery walk, look on Tuesday of the Weekly Update for the Gallery Walk images and texts.   I would have linked them here, but for whatever reason Word Press is not letting me add links at the moment.  Ugh technology!!!


Have a beautiful weekend!