Mexican American Literature and Culture: Week of 2.2.2015

Welcome to Mexican American Literature & Culture Spring Semester Edition!

Over the next week we will be completing the following activities to meet the class objectives.


2.2  Class Orientation &  Class Syllabus, Subscribe to Class REMIND: (714) 872-8810 @mexamlit and/ or follow TWITTER FEED: @AlbasclassGGHS

2.3 Identity Circles

2.4 Family Interviews

2.5 “I am from” poems

2.6 Introductory Readings:

a. ” The Dangers of the Single Story” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie for TED TALKS

b. Why ethnic studies programs are good for California, and America – LA Times

c. Essay: What is this student’s opinion? Do you Agree or Disagree?