Mexican American Literature: 4.13-4.17 Notes and Handouts

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WEEKLY OBJECTIVE: After analyzing POINT OF VIEW in John Gasts’s “American Progress” and reading an excerpt of John O’Sullivan’s essay “The Great Nation of Futurity,” students will be able to identity central argument and purpose by completing ANALYTICAL SUMMARIES and SOAPS Analysis.

3.13   “The Great Nation of Futurity” Analytical Summary & ““The Power of an Idea” by Miguel Ángel González Quiroga

3.14 “Native American Displacement Amid U.S. Expansion” A Conversation With R. David Edmunds from University of Texas at Dallas, “Never Forget” by Lalo Alcaraz

3.15 “Never Forget” by Lalo Alcaraz

3.16 4 Square Discussion

3.17 Unit Debrief Poems