Party @ Tom and Myrtle’s Guiding Questions

1.  Why are the guest’s not appalled by Tom’s violence?

Experts Brandon & Danny: They are not appalled because Myrtle is still seen as an object and she has no rights.  Additionally he is of a high class and is stronger than everyone else.  The guests choose to ignore it because they are scared of his masculinity, they do not want to interfere with a man who has money and power, or they just feel that Myrtle deserved it.  

2. What do all the guests have in common?

Expert Nhan: They are all cheaters.

3.  Why is there a party at Tom and Myrtle’s?

4. Why does Nick go along with Tom’s affair?

Expert Monica: Daisy already knows something is going on and Nick believes there is no point in making things worse by standing up against it.  He also doesn’t want to get in between family.

Expert Daniel S.: Anti-Eden archetype!  Nick is curious and he is tempted by subversiveness of the affair.  Myrtle represent an Eve figure or temptress archetype.  

5.  What view of marriage is communicated by the chapter?

Expert Phuoc: Marriage is all about social class.  In the story people want to marry someone who is higher class.  Myrtle initially believed her husband was a “gentleman” but found out it wasn’t true.  Now she is with Tom because he is from a higher class.

Expert Phuong: Marriage is not about love, it is about wealth and social class. 

6. Why does Tom get defensive about Myrtle saying Daisy’s name?

Expert Clarissa: Tom gets defensive because he doesn’t want to get reminded of the bad thing he is doing.  

Expert Jesus: He doesn’t want to be reminded of the immorality he is participating in.  

Expert Khadija: Because Myrtle is not respecting Tom’s marriage.