English 3P Honors Weekly Updates: 3.13-3.17

Monday: Progress Check Assessment “The Journey” and Naturalist Features in XXII-XXXIII of The Awakening

Unit Goal:

  1. Progress Check 5.4 Assessment

Homework: Finish The Awakening Summary for Ch. XXXIII-XXXIX

Tuesday: Naturalist Features in XXXIII-XXXIX of The Awakening

Unit Goal:

  1. Summary Check 2. The Awakening Literary Circles 3. Is Edna really a feminist?: Read “The Awakening and Learning to Swim” by Barbara Kingsolver

Homework: Socratic Seminar Question Stems

Wednesday: The Awakening Final Socratic Seminar

Unit Goal:

  1. Final Socratic Seminar: Evaluation Guide
  2. Homework: Realism Timed Write Prep Tool

Thursday: The Awakening Final

Unit Goal:

Homework: N/A

Friday: Introduction to Modernism & The Jazz Age

Unit Goal: