Weekly Updates: 10.23-10.27

Period 1: AP Seminar will be Analyzing Line of Reasoning in various texts.

Monday: 1) Shakespeare’s Sister” Says Does Because 2.) Presentations on what Virginia Woolf Says, how she does it and why in her essay “Shakespeare’s Sister.”

H.W.) Revised Section 1 A Due Friday, 10/ 27, 

Tuesday: 1.) Presentations on what Virginia Woolf Says, how she does it and why in her essay “Shakespeare’s Sister.”

Wednesday: 1.) Mendez v. Westminster Historical Background: “A Tale of Two Schools”  & Legal Brief

Thursday: Statistics Lesson from Minh Ho: Minh is a Ph.D. student in Social Research Methodology (SRM). Her research interests focus on measurement and program evaluation issues in high school through college. Prior to graduate school, Minh was a teacher, career and college transition specialist, program coordinator, and teacher coach in Los Angeles. Minh has M.A. degrees in special education and higher education.

FridayEducational Equity “What does it Mean? How do we know when we reach it?” Research Brief by the Center for Public Education

H.W.  1. After Watching Paulo Freire Background Video Create a Circle Map to identify influence of background on bias. 2.) Read and annotate Excerpt “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” for what is SAYS, DOES, AND WHY and complete the SUMMARY.  Excited to see you on Saturday for the show at South Coast Repertory Theater.  🙂 

 Period 2, 5, 6: English 3P Honors will be REVISING Literary Analysis Essay and presenting on the influence of PURITANS and RATIONALISTS on foundational American documents.

Monday: 1.) Unit Final Essay Revision

Tuesday: 1.) Midterm ESSAY FINAL DRAFT CHECKLIST and Revision Reflection 2.)a. Barbara Jordan Quote Analysis b. “A New American Nation” p. 109-110 & “Democracy 4 Square Discussion“ Prep Work

H.W.) Quarter Benchmark October 30th, Revised Literary Analysis Essay Due Friday, November 3, 

Wednesday: 1.Democracy 4 Square Discussion

Thursday: Videos: “The Presidents: Jefferson Writes the Declaration of Independence” & Schoolhouse Rocks: Fireworks 2. Close Read and Compare ideas of government in “Declaration of Independence” and “The Constitution”

FridayCompare and Contrast Summary

Mexican American Literature and Culture Period 3: Analyzing how Mexican American literature and art depicts the relationship between identity and indigenous ancestry.

Monday: 1.) Unit Final Portfolio on Identity Day 1: Summarize and respond to favorite text or Finish Found Image Poems

H.W. Chicanx/ Latinx Day Conference Field Trip Nov. 3 Permission Slip

Tuesday: Guest Speaker Walter Muneton

Wednesday:Unit Final Portfolio on Identity Day 2: Write a poem

Thursday: 4.  Unit Final Portfolio on Identity Day 3: Create Cover and Reflection on Unit

Friday: Honoring the gone ones that live on…