Weekly Updates: 10.16-10.20

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Period 1: AP Seminar: Contextualizing Bias and Analyzing Multiple perspectives on Educational Inequality

Monday: 1.) Notebook Set-UP 2). RSVP to Gem of The Ocean by August Wilson @ South Coast Repertory October 28 3.) “Read Between the Lines” Mural by David Botello: Thesis Analysis (What does the artist want? Why does he want it?

Tuesday:  1.) Watch Biography Video and Read “Theme for English B” by Langston Hughes(SOAPS)

H.W. Virginia Woolf Biography 2.) Read “Shakespeare’s Sister” in Reading the World pp. 46-51  E.Q.  What ideas does Woolf convey about educational inequalities by imagining Shakespeare’s equally talented sister? 

Wednesday: 1.) Virginia Woolf Biography 2.) SummarizeShakespeare’s Sister” by Virginia Woolf (SOAPS)

Thursday: 1.)Virginia Woolf (SOAPS) 2.) Virginia Woolf Quaker Read 3.)Shakespeare’s SisterSays Does Because

Paulo Friere Background 2.) Read Excerpt “Pedagogy of the Oppressed”

Friday: Mendez v. Westminster Historical Background

English 3P Honors Period 2, 5, 6: Analyzing how authors use characters communicate THEME.  

Monday: 1.) 1.) Notebook Set-UP 2). RSVP to Gem of The Ocean by August Wilson @ South Coast Repertory October 28 2). The Namesake Literary CIrcles Jhumpa Lahiri

Tuesday: 1.) Interview with Jhumpa Lahiri : Prepare questions for the author

H.W.) Socratic Seminar Prep: Write Questions along with page references and answers in your notebook

Wednesday: Socratic Seminar #3: Assimilation in The Namesake

Thursday: 1.) Socratic Seminar Reflection 2.) Timed Write Essay Outline (Essay Presentation) Writing Focus Thesis Statement (Sample Literary Analysis THESIS)

Friday: The Namesake Unit Final focus on how plot, characters and conflict reveal THEME.

Mexican American Literature and Culture Period 3: Analyzing how Mexican American literature and art depicts the relationship between identity and indigenous ancestry.

Monday: 1.) David Botello Background 2.) Analyze David Botello Murals: “Read Between the Lines” & “Dream of Flight”

Tuesday: 2.) Dream of Flight Analysis

Wednesday: 1.) Use Botello Murals to write Found Image Poems.

Thursday: Guest Speaker: Dr. Paul Apodaca

Friday: Sustained Reading “Into the Beautiful North” by Luis Alberto Urrea