Weekly Updates: 3.12-3.16

AP Seminar: Period 1

This week, AP Seminar will finalize RESEARCH QUESTION and LENSES to be investigated in Individual Written Argument, after building Annotated Bibliography that includes sources such as: Online News, Magazine, Scholarly Journals, and books.  

Monday: 1.) Upload IRR to College Board Portfolio (Instructions)

H.W. Find Online Magazine articles that include views from lenses you are investigating.  (PDF w/ instructions) Print Outs with Annotation will be turned in on Friday. Annotated Bibliography due on Monday 3/13 with Part 1 Revisions

Tuesday: 1.) IWA Part 1 Revision and Anchor Analysis: (IWA Rubric and Samples)

Wednesday: Research Day 1: Online Magazines & EBSCOHost

Thursday: Research Day 1: Online MagazinesEBSCOHost

Friday: In class timed write due at the end of class w/ PRINTOUTS of CITED SOURCES: What does the investigation of the PROBLEM through specialized lenses reveal about the PROBLEM at the center of your research: I. Lens 1 II. Lens 2. Lens 3

Print Outs with Annotations will be turned in on Friday. Annotated Bibliography due on Monday 3/13 with Part 1 Revisions

English 3P Honors: Period 2, 5, 6

This week, English 3P Honors will identify Naturalist Features Mark Twain’s essay “The Lowest Animal” and in the resolution of Kate Chopin’s The Awakening.

Monday: 1. Close Read “The Lowest Animal” Complete Dialectical Journal

H.W. Finish Reading The Awakening EQ:  How does Kate Chopin introduce REGIONALISM through dialogue and relationships of the novel’s characters?  What Naturalist ideas are conveyed through the characters’ internal life and conflicts?  Annotate to identify characters traits and their relationship to setting, rising complicaitons, SITUATIONAL IRONY, significant relationships, symbolism of setting that reveals Naturalist elements.

Tuesday: 1.  Summary Check: Resolution of The Awakening 2.) Dialectical Journal: “The Lowest Animal” 3.) Literary Circles of The Awakening

Wednesday: Literary Circles #3 for The Awakening

Thursday: Progress Check 5.3

FridayProgress Check Revision 

Creative Writing: Period 3

This week, Creative Writers will use questioning to build characters through the use of dialogue and description.  

Monday: 1.) Build a Story: Publication

Tuesday: 1.) Freewrite: 2.) I am a camera

Wednesday: 1.) Build a Story

Thursday: 2.) Build A story

Friday: Submit for Creative Writing Contest