Weekly Updates 3.5-3.9

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AP Seminar: Period 1

This week, AP Seminar will determine topic and focus of their Individual Written Argument, after evaluating stimulus packet, writing theme reflection, and participating in a Socratic Seminar.  

Monday: 1.) Individual Written Argument Calendar 2.) Themes and Perspectives for Research 3.) Stimulus Packet Review and article Preview: (Stimulus Packet Review and article PreviewPDF)

H.W. by tomorrow select an article in the stimulus packet that captures your interest.  Annotate for main idea and evidence that connect with your initial theme of interest.  

Tuesday: 1.) Reflection: What article did you read? How did its argument connect with your area of research interest? 2.) Build Questions for Initial Research and Tomorrow’s Socratic Seminar (Socratic Seminar Question Stems PDF)

H.W. Read a second article of choice from the Stimulus Packet and annotate for your individual area of interest: Choose TWO QUOTES and follow up with a SAYS MEANS MATTERS that connects it to your TOPIC of INTEREST or the THEME that connects the p. Prep for Socratic Seminar Discussion.

Wednesday: Socratic Seminar Discussion: What ideas are inspired by Simulus Packet Readings (Stimulus Packet Review and article PreviewPDF)?  What questions arise about your TOPIC?

Thursday: 1.) Turn in Final Draft of IRR to College Board. 2.) Individual Written Argument- Finding Sources: News Sources 3.) IWA Reflection 2: Preparation for introduction (TOOL) Introduction Outline.  Read pp. 638-641 of Reading the World: Ideas that Matter to prepare for tomorrow’s TIMED WRITE.

Friday: In class timed write due at the end of class: I. Can you connect you RESEARCH INTEREST within the context of the source materials?  II. Can you explain your TOPIC OF INTEREST and its relevance to contemporary events/ problems?  III.  Can you explain the problems/perspectives related to your TOPIC that you will explore through your research?  What 5 questions will be guiding your Q.U.E.S.T.?

English 3P Honors: Period 2, 5, 6

This week, English 3P Honors will identify Naturalist Features in Jack London’s “To Build A Fire” and Kate Chopin’s The Awakening Ch. 1-XXI.

Monday: 1.) Write a paragraph that proves “To Build a Fire” by Jack London is an example of Naturalist literature.  2.) The Awakening Literary Circles Ch. 1-XXI

H.W. Finish Reading Ch. XXII-XXXII  EQ:  How does Kate Chopin introduce REGIONALISM through dialogue and relationships of the novel’s characters?  What Naturalist ideas are conveyed through the characters’ internal life and conflicts?  Annotate to identify characters traits and their relationship to setting, rising complicaitons, SITUATIONAL IRONY, significant relationships, symbolism of setting that reveals Naturalist elements.

Tuesday: Progress Check 5.2

Wednesday: Progress Check Revision & Introduction to Mark Twain

Thursday: 1. Pre-Reading: Mark Twain Notes, Mark Twain Background Video 2. Read and Annotate: “The Lowest Animal”

FridayPost-Reading: Complete Dialectical Journal to identify Twain’s use Ethos, Pathos, and LogosLiterary Circles evaluate Naturalist Elements of “The Lowest Animal”

H.W. Finish the NOVEL.  Notebooks due on MONDAY 3/12!

Creative Writing: Period 3

This week, Creative Writers will use questioning to build characters through the use of dialogue and description.  

Monday: 1.) Freewrite: Questioning Characters 2.) Lerman Process in Writers’ Groups

Tuesday: 1.) Freewrite: Build a character using dialogue or description 2.) Lerman Process in Class

Wednesday: 1.) Freewrite: Questioning characters #2.) Put them in a predicament

Thursday: 1.)  Writer’s Confession by Junot Diaz 2.) I am a camera

Friday: BUILD A STORY for Publication