Weekly Updates: 4.9-4.13

AP Seminar: Period 1

This week, AP Seminar will REVISE CONCLUSION and complete the FIRST DRAFT of Individual Written Argument, and continue building an Annotated Bibliography that includes sources such as Online News, Magazine, Scholarly Journals, and books.  

Monday: 1.) IWA Part IV Revisions 2.) They Say/ I Say Sentence Frames

H.W. TYPE and REVISE Entire IWA (IWA Rubric).  HARD COPY PRINT Outs with ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY will be turned in on Friday 4/13.

Tuesday: 1.) IMP Presentation Prep 2.) Outline Model

Wednesday: View Presentation Samples and Note Slide Outlines (Presentation Rubric and Notes)

Thursday: Work Day:  EBSCOHost & Toulmin Model for support

FridayIWA Draft 1 Due: PT 2 IWA Draft Peer Edit

English 3P Honors: Period 2, 5, 6

This week students will learn about the contributions of Harlem Renaissance artists and writers to MODERNISM and discourse on American EQUALITY.

Monday: 1.) Table of Contents Notebook Set Up 2.) Realism Essay Feedback

H.W. Realism Essay Revisions DUE Monday 4/16!

Tuesday: 1.) Harlem Renaissance Intro Notes Harlem Renaissance Video 2.)  ReadingHARLEM INTELLECTS Gallery Walk & Dialectical Journal 3.  Post Reading3-2-1 Check In

Wednesday: 1.) Continued from 4/10HARLEM INTELLECTS Gallery Walk & Dialectical Journal 3.  Post Reading3-2-1 Check In

H.W. Background Paragraph for Langston Hughes: Choose your own source and Cite using MLA format and Analyze: Theme for English B 

Thursday: 1.) Lois Maillou JonesAscent from Ethiopia“: OPTIC Analysis &  Thesis Practice

Friday: 1.Theme for English B Check In 2.) “How it Feels to be a Colored Me” by Zora Neale Hurston