Weekly Updates: 5.14-5.18

AP Seminar: Period 1

This week, students will prepare for AP End of Course Exams and end of the year assessments.

Monday: Study Hall

Tuesday: Study Hall

Wednesday: Study Hall

Thursday: Introduction to Year End Portfolios: Directions and Elink Instructions

Friday: TMP Reflections & Self-Assessment.

English 3P Honors: Period 2, 5, 6

This week, students will continue a SEMIOTIC ANALYSIS of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.

Monday: 1. Reading Check 2. The Great Gatsby: Ch. 4-6 Analysis: Analysis Map

H.W. Read Ch. 7-9 of The Great Gatsby by Monday, May 21The Great Gatsby Series

Annotations Focus for Ch. 7-9: Describe Daisy Buchanan and identify her signficiance as an  archetypal character by Completing Analysis Map

Tuesday: 1. Finish Analyzing Ch. 6 Analysis Map 2.  Literary Circles: The Great Gatsby Series

H.W. PREPARE FOR SOCRATIC SEMINAR: Complete 3 Questions based on Specific Text using Socratic Seminar Question Stems REV &/or Tracking Your Thinking while reading novels.

Wednesday: Socratic Seminar: Socratic Seminar Question Stems REV

Thursday: The Great Gastby Progress Check #2

Friday: Progress Check Revision

Creative Writing: Period 3

This week, Creative Writers will publish Poetry Collection and begin final collection to be PUBLISHED in digital platform.

Monday: Use Canva and BookCreator to compile poetry collection. Due Friday 5/18

Tuesday: Stories/Poems staring at the wall: Day 1

Wednesday: Stories/ Poems staring at the wall: Day 2

Thursday: Introduction: Digital Storytelling Platforms

Friday: Lehrman Process