This week in Ms. Alba’s Class: 9.24-9.28

AP Seminar, Period 1

Monday: 1.) AP Capstone Meeting: Sign Up for Dashboard & Parent Meeting 2.) Group Project Meeting: How will you PVLEGS to effectively communicate your argument about the PURPOSE of EDUCATION?

Tuesday: 1. 3 Minute Thesis PVLEG Analysis: How do presenters create and maintain an appropriate relationship with the audience through  POISE, VOICE, LIFE, EYE CONTACT, GESTURES 2. Group Project Presentations w/ Performance Focus on PVLEG

Wednesday: 1.) PVLEG Reflection 2.) EOC Section 1: Rubric Analysis Essay Calibration and Analysis

Thursday: Essay Calibration and Analysis

Friday: EOC Section 1: Question 1, 2, 3 Peer Evaluation and Self Reflection

Mexican American Literature: Period 2, 6

Monday: 1.) Half Like Me Debrief 2.) Quote Four Corner Discussion 3.) Introduction to  “Silence Concerning an Ancient Stone”

Tuesday: “Silence Concerning an Ancient Stone” Summary & Discussion

Wednesday: Guest Speaker: Karina Valdez, GGHS College Advisor

Thursday“Read Between the Lines” Mural by David Botello and Poetry Workshops

Friday: 1.) “Read Between the Lines” Mural by David Botello 2.) “Half Like Me” Part 2

English 3P Honors:

Monday: 1.) Progress Check Revision Day 2

H.W. Read Mother Tongue by Amy Tan in Close Reader complete annotations in book and analysis question in NOTEBOOK 

Tuesday: 1.) Introduction to “Blaxicans and Other Reinvented America” 2.) Richard Rodriguez  Compare Rodriguez and Tan’s use of ANECDOTE & IRONY to convey views of ASSIMILATION.“Blaxicans and Other Reinvented Americans” by Richard Rodriguez 

Wednesday: 1.) Write Comparative Summary of Rodriguez and Tan 2.) Read Viet Thanh NguyenThe Immigrant’s Fate is Everyone’s”

Thursday: 1.) Pick up The Namesake from the Bookstore 2.) Read Viet Thanh NguyenThe Immigrant’s Fate is Everyone’s”

Friday: Socratic Seminar #2