This week in Ms. Alba’s Class…10.1-10.5

AP Seminar

Monday: 1.) Paulo Freire Quote Analysis 2.) Philosophical ChairsEducation Philosophical Chairs

Tuesday 2.)Education Philosophical Chairs

Wednesday: 1.) Credible Argument Group Project Day 1: Video & Handout Selecting and Using Evidence

Thursday: 1.) Notebooks are DUE 2.) Report Back on Evidence

FridayHe Named Me Malala

Mexican American Literature and Culture

Monday: David Botello “Read Between the Lines” OPTIC Analysis 

Tuesday: “Dream of Flight” and “Read Between the Lines” David Botello Comparative Analysis

Wednesday: Look Poems

Thursday: Magnetic Poems

Friday: Inocente

English 3P Honors, Period 3-4

Monday: Progress Check 1.2 Irony and Anecdote in Amy Tan’s Mother Tongue & Richard Rodriguez’s “Blaxicans and Other Reinvented Americans”

Tuesday: Progress Check Revision and Progress Check Reflection Log

H.W.) Read Viet Thanh NguyenThe Immigrant’s Fate is Everyone’s”

Wednesday: Socratic Seminar #2 Prep: Collection 1 Socratic SeminarSocratic Seminar Question Stems

Thursday: 1.) Collection 1 Socratic Seminar, Socratic Seminar Evaluation Guide 2.) Turn in Notebooks: Rubric

Friday:  Read Ch. 1-2 The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri: Summarize Chapters 

  • Big Question for Chapter 1-2 (pp. 1-47): How does Lahiri’s characterization of Ashoke and Ashima begin to introduce the idea of ASSIMILATION to the reader? How doe sit compare to Richard Rodriguez’s stance in “Blaxicans and Other Invented Americans”?