First week of 2020 Spring Semester in Ms. Alba’s Class: 1.28-1.31

Mexican American Literature: Period 1

Tuesday:1.) Class Orientation & Tech Connect  2.) Mexican American Literature Syllabus3.)“Advice to Young Poets”  Quick Analysis

Wednesday: 1.) In Lak Kech: Community Agreements & Poem Analysis

Thursday: 1.)What’s in a Name? (LINES OF COMMUNICATION)

Friday: “Judge a book” by the Cover set up class Portfolio

AP Seminar: Period 2 & 3

Tuesday: 1.) Introduction to Task 1 of AP Seminar Portfolio 2.) Speech Debrief and Turn In 3.) Creativity

Wednesday: TMP Reflection H.W. TIPP3C for Performance Task 1

Thursday: IRR Rubric Reflection  H.W. DUE FRIDAY FlipGrid Interviews & Team Request: What did you learn about being successful in a team by participating in the MOCK TMP?  How will you apply this learning to the first AP Seminar Performance Task that includes an IRR and TMP?

Friday: Topic Selection & Research Proposal Guide

English 3P Honors: Period 3 & 4

Tuesday:  1. Unit Introduction: Robeson Collection Quote Analysis 2.  Freedom Collective Poems

Wednesday: 1. Freedom Collective Poems Revision 2. Read “Civil War and Reconstruction” p. 277

Thursday: 1.)  FOUND POEMS on  “Civil War and Reconstruction” p. 277  b.)  Gallery Walk: Views of Freedom: FREEDOM Gallery Walk

Friday: 1.) “Runagate Runagate  by Robert Hayden 2.) Found poem Workshop