This week in Ms. Alba’s Class: 2.3-2.7

Mexican American Literature and Culture: Period 1

The week’s ESSENTIAL QUESTION: Why Ethnic Studies?  What does it have to do with you? 

Monday: The Dangers of Single Story by Chimamanda Adichie: Cornell Notes

Tuesday: 1.) Analytical Summary on The Dangers of a Single Story 2.) Zine Cover: Title and Symbol

Wednesday (LATE START): 1.)  Judge my Book Zine Cover: Title and Symbol and Bio

Thursday: 1. Introduction to THEMES and ISSUES in ETHNIC STUDIES: Why Ethnic Studies Matters? By Ron Espiritu

Friday: “Inocente”: How do art and culture give Inocente a sense of place and identity?

AP Seminar: Period 2 & 3

This week we will be building TEAMs with clear agreements on a system of process, support, and accountability.  

Monday: Team Vision and Mission 2.) Team Names 3.) Project Charter

Tuesday: 1.) Finish Project Charter 2.) Begin Topic Selection

Wednesday (LATE START): Draft Research Question using Question Formulation Technique

Thursday: Finalize TOPIC and Decide on Disciplinary Focus

Friday: Write Individual Research Proposals with Discipline Focus

HW.  Revise Speeches and Complete form for YOUTH SPEAK essay contest.  

English 3P Honors: Period 5 & 6

This week we will be analyzing the concept of Freedom and the historical context of Collection 4: The New Birth of Freedom.

Monday: 1.) Read the Civil War and Reconstruction pp. 277-278 and write Haiku 2.) Begin Historical Thought Leaders Gallery Walk

Tuesday: 1.) Thought Leaders FREEDOM Gallery Walk: Collect Quotes 2.) Collect Responses 3.) Write Reflection

Wednesday (Late Start): Freedom Found Poems

Thursday: 1.) Re-read “Runagate Runagate  by Robert Hayden: What is the effect of Hayden’s use ALLUSIONs and multiple voices in “Runagate, Runagate”

Friday: Type 1.) Freedom Reflection 2) 2 poems of choice and and 3.) Summarize “Runagate Runagate” by Robert Hayden