Welcome to Ms. Alba’s Class 2017-2018

Period 1: AP Seminar

Wednesday: 1.) Class Orientation & Tech Connect 2.) AP® Seminar Student Syllabus 3.) “Advice to Young Poets”  Quick Analysis

H.W. Signed Syllabus & AP SEMINAR 2017 SUMMER ASSIGNMENT Annotations & Task 2: Due TOMORROW (Hard Copy)

Thursday: 1.)  Symbolic Introduction 2.)AP SEMINAR 2017 SUMMER ASSIGNMENT Reading Annotations (Lines of Communication) 2. Task 2 Response Paragraph Share (Roundtable Discussion w/ Whip Around)

H.W. Google Classroom Task 3: Write two questions you have about the readings. Answer TWO questions (Google Classroom).  

Friday: Summer Reading Timed Write: Diagnostic Assessment (Bring your annotated articles and Response Paragraph you wrote for Task 2)

H.W. Task 1 Bio Due Monday 🙂

Period 2, 5, 6: English 3P Honors

Wednesday: 1.)Class Orientation & Tech Connect  2.) ENGLISH 3P HONORS SYLLABUS Review 3.)“Advice to Young Poets”  Quick Analysis

H.W. Summer Reading Annotations for articles Due TOMORROW (Hard Copy):

“Letter from an American Farmer: Letter III: What is an American?” by Hector St. John De Crevecoer

American and Americans: Is the American Dream Even Real?” by John Steinbeck

“Let America be America Again” by Langston Hughes Let America Be America Again

Thursday: Summer Reading Timed Write: Diagnostic Assessment

Friday: Anchor Essay Anchor Essay Calibrations & Rubric Orientation

Period 3: Mexican American Literature

Wednesday:1.) Class Orientation & Tech Connect  2.) Mexican American Literature Syllabus 3.)“Advice to Young Poets”  Quick Analysis

Thursday: 1.) Notebook Setup & Interactive Notebook Rubric & Guidelines 2.) Symbolic Introduction  3.) Classroom Agreements (Class Discussion) 4.) What’s in a Name? (w/ pods)

Friday: 1.) Classroom Agreements (Class Discussion) 2.) What’s in a Name? (w/ pods) 3.) Family Search (Lines of Communication)