Weekly Updates: 10.30-11.3 *Note: This Week is End of the Quarter, NB, Unit Portfolios & Midterm Essay Due Friday!

AP Seminar: Period 1

Announcements: Notebook Due Friday! Sign Up Walk In My Shoes Field Trip On November 17th

Monday: 1.) Stats and Data Review: Stanford’s CEPA “Racial and Ethnic Achievement Gaps” Presentations  (Tools: Sample Sentence Starters Template

Tuesday: 1.) Watch: He Named Me Malala 2.) Notes: EQ What arguments about Educational Inequality does the documentary reveal through Malala’s story? What connections does this documentary make with what we have been learning?

Wednesday: 1.)Summarizing Statements for: Tale of Two Districts  2.)Mendez v. Westminster Legal Brief Analysis & Summary

Thursday:1.) New Groups Read and Analyze “Educational Equity: What does it mean? How do we know when we reach it?

Friday: 1.) Quick Read: “Resolved Inmates Make Tough Debaters” as Introduction to Debate Process 2.) Evaluate Debate: Bullied to Death 3.) Debate Team Process & Prep

English 3P Honors: Period 2, 5, 6

Announcements: Revised Literary Analysis on The Namesake Notebooks Due Friday (Essay Sample, Revision Checklist & Revision Reflection, MLA Guides), Walk In My Shoes Field Trip On November 17th

Monday: Quarter 3 Benchmark

Tuesday: 1.) Complete Says-Means-Matters, SOAPS, Comparative Summmary on The Constitution and “Declaration of Independence” 

Wednesday: 1.) Building A Democracy Learning Stations Introduction

Thursday: 1.) Learning Stations Day 2

Friday: 1.) Notebook Reflection 2.) Literary Analysis Essay Due: Turnitin Tutorial 2.) Learning Stations Day 3

Mexican American Literature & Culture Period 3

Announcements: Unit Portfolio and Notebooks Due Friday, Chicanx/Latinx College Day November 3, Walk In My Shoes Field Trip On November 17th

Monday: Identity Unit Portfolio Poetry Stations

Tuesday: “Book of Life” Directed by Guillermo del Toro

Wednesday: Dead Writers Day Exhibit Preparation

Thursday: Dead Writers Day

Friday: Portfolio Share Out and Reading