Weekly Updates: 12.18-12.22

AP Seminar:

This week, Seminar Scholars will explore local issues by presenting research proposal, annotated bibliography, and formulating research questions using QUESTION FORMULATION TECHNIQUE.

Monday: 1.) Introduction IRR Student Samples 2.) Use Team Project and Presentation Rubric to Analyze Presentation 1, Presentation 2, Presentation 3

H.W. DUE WEDNESDAY Group Research Proposal: Select a TOPIC you are interested in and write a one paragraph proposal that makes the case for your research topic.  Include three credible sources to support your proposal in a brief annotated bibliography.  

Tuesday: 1.) Introduction to Research Proposal Guide and Credible Sources 2.) EBSCOHost instructions 

Wednesday:  1.) Research Proposal Presentation: 3 Minute Thesis 2.) Research Team Request

Thursday: 1.) Research Team Charter 2.) Question Formulation Technique

Friday: 1.) Group Research Proposal and Plan Presentation

H.W. Create and Collect Research for Team Project Over the Break

English 3P Honors:

This week we will explore the philosophical features of Dark Romanticism by analyzing The Scarlet Letter in Expert Roundtables, Literary Circles, and Socratic Seminar, and Timed Write Essay

Monday: 1.) Progress Check Revisions

H.W. Read 21-24 by Tuesday: of The Scarlet Letter and write Chapter Summary : (Summary Template) : Evaluate the ALLEGORICAL MESSAGE of the novel and examine what DARK Romantic ideals and beliefs the plot’s outcome reveals?

Tuesday: 1. The Scarlet Letter Summary Check (Summary Template) 2.)  Introduction to Dark Romantics 3.) The Scarlet Letter: Expert Roundtables and Literary Circles

Wednesday: 1.) Expert Roundtables 2.) Literary Circles H.W. Socratic Seminar Preparation (5 QUOTES followed up with questions and answers)

Thursday: The Scarlet Letter Socratic Seminar

FridayThe Scarlet Letter Final Timed Write

Mexican American Literature:

This week we will compare the corridos of Joaquin Murrieta and Gregorio Cortez and hear from author Frank Mundo.

Monday: 1.) SSR: Into the Beautiful North 2.) : The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez a film written by Victor Villaseñor and Directed by Robert Young, Produced by Moctezuma Esparza

Tuesday: 1.) SSR: Into the Beautiful North 2.) : The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez a film written by Victor Villaseñor and Directed by Robert Young, Produced by Moctezuma Esparza

Wednesday: Corrido Archetype Analysis: Imagery Poem

Thursday: Introduction to La Llorona

Friday: Cuento Circles