Weekly Updates: 12.11-12.15

AP Seminar:

This week, Seminar Scholars will explore local issues of POWER by presenting photo essays, formulating research questions using QUESTION FORMULATION TECHNIQUE and writing an annotated bibliography that launches research report.  

Monday: 1. Michel Foucault roundtable discussions 2.) Zimbardo Prison Study Video to instigate a Questioning of POWER from Multiple Perspectives Discussion

H.W. Portraits of Power Photo Essay: Take a series of 5 pictures that will compose a collection of what you believe are images of power in your surrounding community.  Give the collection a title and write an artists statement that reveals your PERSPECTIVE on POWER and how the images you collected communicated these. See GOOGLE CLASS FOR TEMPLATE. 

Tuesday: 1.) Turn in Photo Essays 2.) Zimbardo Prison Study Video to instigate a Questioning of POWER from Multiple Perspectives Discussion

Wednesday (Late Start): 1.) Photo Essay Share Out

Thursday: 1.) Introduction to IRR and Group Presentations 2.) Annotated Bibliography #1: Choose three sources from class that best help you begin to answer your focus questions and complete RAVEN ANALYSIS.

Friday: 1.) Introduction to IRR and Group presentations 2.) Introduction to EBSCOHost Database 3.) Annotated Bibliography Draft 2  Due on Monday

English 3P Honors:

This week we will explore the influence of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s ideas on Henry David Thoreau  by reading from “Walden.” 

Monday: 1.) Progress Check Revisions H.W. Read 11-15 of The Scarlet Letter and write Chapter Summary : (Summary Template) 

Tuesday: 1. The Scarlet Letter Summary Check (Summary Template) 2.) Introduction to Henry David Thoreau 3.) Read and Annotate “Walden” pp. 209 in the Textbook (BRING TEXTBOOKS) (Notes)

H.W. Read Ch. 17-20 of The Scarlet Letter and Evaluate the evolution of Hester Prynne and compare her to the male characters’ development (Dimmesdale and Chillingsworth) What Romantic ideals and beliefs does the comparison reveal?

Wednesday (Late Start): Finish “Walden”

Thursday: “Walden” Says Means Matters

Friday: Progress Check 3.2

Mexican American Literature:

This week we will compare the corridos of Joaquin Murrieta and Gregorio Cortez and hear from author Frank Mundo.

Monday: 1.) SSR: Into the Beautiful North 2.) Finish The Head of Joaquin Murrieta by John Valadez

Tuesday: El Corrido de Gregorio Cortez: (The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez Notes)

Wednesday: Compare and Contrast Summary Gregorio Cortez and Joaquin Murrieta

ThursdayThe Ballad of Gregorio Cortez a film written by Victor Villaseñor and Directed by Robert Young, Produced by Moctezuma Esparza

Friday: Guest Speaker Frank Mundo: Frank Mundo is a full-time writer in Alta Loma, California. He has a BA in English from UCLA, where he also completed the Creative Writing Program. Mundo is the author of the award-winning novel in verse, The Brubury Tales (foreword by bestselling author and critic Carolyn See), a modern version of The Canterbury Tales, set in Los Angeles; and Gary, the Four-Eyed Fairy and Other Stories, an interconnected collection of his very best short stories published over the last 15 years. Frank’s short novel, Different, is an illustrated novella for adults that reimagines Kafka’s Metamorphosis and Alice in Wonderland. In July 2017, Kattywompus Press released Frank’s first poetry chapbook called Touched by an Anglo.