This week in Ms. Alba’s Class: 10.22-10.26

AP Seminar: Period 1

Monday: He Named Me Malala

H.W.  Notebooks due this Friday

Tuesday: Socratic Seminar Socratic Seminar Question Stems REV & Socratic Seminar Evaluation Guide Issues in Education Socratic Seminar

Wednesday: 1.) Socratic Seminar Final Thoughts 2.) AP Seminar FRQ 2017 Section II Question Student Anchor Analysis

ThursdayStudent Anchor Analysis  

H.W. Choose a stance from Education Philosophical Chairs and Print 4 CREDIBLE Sources.  (See Google Classroom)

Friday: 1.) Notebook Reflection 2.) Write a Works Cited Page: Formatting 3.) H.W. Annotated Bibliography

Mexican American Literature: Period 2 and 6

Monday: “Foreigners in their Own Land”

H.W. Notebooks due this Friday 10/26

Tuesday: Introduction to Birth of Mexican American: “Foreigners in their Own Land”

Wednesday: Expository Summary for Foreigners in their Own Land

Thursday: Introduction to Metanarrative of Manifest Destiny: “Definition” By Luis Alberto Urrea

Friday: 1.) What is a METANARRATIVE?  2.) What makes MANIFEST DESTINY an example of a METANARRATIVE?

English 3P Honors: Period 3  and 4

Monday: Read Ch. 9-10 of The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri

H.W. Finish The Namesake by Thursday, Notebooks due on Friday

Tuesday: 1. Summary Check 2.  Expert Corners 3. Literary Circles

Wednesday: World Cafe on Ch. 9-10 of The Namesake

Thursday: Progress Check 1.4 on Chapter 6-19 of The Namesake

Friday: Progress Check Revision: Notebooks Due!

H.W. Finish The Namesake and Prepare for Socratic Seminar on Monday!