This week in Ms. Alba’s Class: 10.15-10.19

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AP Seminar: Period 1

Monday: 1.) Formatting Works Cited Page 2.) Group Argument Work Day #2 & Individual Conferences: Presentation Outline

H.W. Presentations on Wednesday, October 17: Rubric

Tuesday: 1.) Group Argument Work Day #3

Wednesday: Presentation Rubric Emphasis on Performance and Design (PVLEG Rubric)

Thursday: Individual Research Day #1

Friday: Group Project Debrief

Mexican American Literature: Period 2 & 6

Monday:Identity Unit Portfolio: Reflection & Cover

Tuesday:Identity Unit Portfolio Day #2: Reflection & Cover

WednesdayIdentity Unit Portfolio: Summarizing Statements and Responses

Thursday: Identity Unit Portfolio: Editing and Revising

FridayIdentity Symposium

English 3P Honors: Period 3 & 4

Monday: The Namesake Socratic Seminar #1

H.W. Read & Summarize Ch. 6-8 by Thursday 10/18

Tuesday: Progress Check: Ch. 1-5

Wednesday: Progress Check Revision

Thursday: 1.) Ch. 6-8 Summary Check 2.) Expert Corners for Ch. 6-8 3.) Literary Circles

FridayThe Namesake Ch. 6-8v Chapter Summary and Literary Circles

H.W. Read Ch. 9-10 by Tuesday, October 23 and complete Chapter Summary and Lit Circle Expertise!