This week in Ms. Alba’s Class 12.17-12.21

AP Seminar: This week we will write our first IRR.

Monday: Part I: Introduction TIMED WRITE, Academic Conversation Templates

Tuesday: IRR Student Samples and Peer Evaluation

Wednesday: Type Part I & Outline Part II and Conclusion

Thursday: Complete Body Paragraphs and Conclusion

Friday: 1. Revise Body Paragraphs and Conclusion 2. Revise Body Paragraphs and Conclusion

Mexican American Literature and Culture (Period 2, 6)

This week’s essential question: How do Mexican American artists/ authors use folk traditions to subvert GENDER and cultural expectations? 

Monday“Woman Hollering Creek” by Sandra Cisneros

Tuesday:  Analytical SummarySOAPS Analysis

Wednesday: The Wisdom of Our Elders by Juana Alicia

Thursday: Create your Own Cuento or The Wisdom of Our Elders Ekphrastic Poem

Friday: Complete 1. Summary 2.) Cuento 3.) Ekphrastic Poem

English 3P Honors (Period 3, 4)

Monday: 1. Features of Romanticism 2.) Can you Define American Romanticism? 3.) Introduction to The Scarlet Letter

H.W. Read Ch. 1-5 of The Scarlet Letter by Friday and Complete Ch.1-5  Summary

Tuesday: 1.  The Scarlet Letter Set up 2. Identify Romantic features in “Thanatopsis” by Willaim Cullen Bryant.

Wednesday: Lines of Communication “Thanatopsis” by William Cullen Bryant

Thursday: Transcendentalism Gallery Walk

Friday: Progress Check 3.1 1. Can you define Romanticism II. Can you identify its features in a text? III.  Can you evaluate the qualities that make Hester Prynne an Archetypal Romantic Hero?