First Semester Finals Week: 1.22-1.25

AP Seminar: Period 1

Tuesday:  TMP Prep Work with Teams: TMP Outine & TMP Rubric H.W. IRR Revision: Check your works cited and your in text citations.

Wednesday* (LATE START): TMP Prep Work with Teams

Thursday: 1, 3, 5 Final Presentations

Friday: 6,4, 2 Schedule

Mexican American Literature: Period 2, 6

Tuesday: 1. Who is a Chicano? What does a Chicano Want?  2.  Found Poems

Wednesday:“La Conciencia de la Mesitiza Towards a New Consciousness”by Gloria Anzaldua Magnetic Poems

Thursday: Write Class Reflection

Friday: Finals

English 3P Honors:

Tuesday: 1.) Final Writing Guidelines: Must be TYPED and include a WORKS CITED. 2.) Transcendentalist V. Dark Romantics Review 3.  Expert Groups and Literary Circles

Wednesday * (LATE START): Read “Against Nature”  Prepare for last Socratic Seminar of the Semester

Thursday: (1, 3, 5 Finals) Socratic Chairs a.) Are you a Transcendentalist or  Dark Romantic?  b.) Do you Agree or Disagree with Joyce Carol Oates’ stance in her essay “Against Nature”

Friday: 6,4, 2 Finals