This week in Ms. Alba’s Class 1.14-1.18

AP Seminar:

Monday: 1.) IRR Draft Revision #1: ESSAY FINAL DRAFT CHECKLIST Apply Conventions TMP Rubric

Tuesday: 1. Rubric w/ Notes 2.) TMP Student Sample #1 3.) Prep PT1 TMP Presentation Outline 1

Wednesday: 1.) Presentation Warm Up ( 2.) TMP Student Sample #2  3.) Prep TMP

Thursday: 2.) Presentation Warm Ups 2.) TMP Student Sample #3 4.) Prep TMP

Friday: 1.) IRR Final Draft Revision

Mexican American Literature

Monday: 1.) Pre-reading: “Zoot Suit” Notes, Teatro Campesino and Luis Valdez 2.)  Reading: Play and Analysis Map

Tuesday:  Reading: Play and Analysis Map

Wednesday: Zoot  Suit Analysis

Thursday:  Reading: “Who is the Chicano?” by Ruben Salazar

Friday: “Who is a Chicano” Magnetic Poems

English 3P Honors

Monday: Ch. 17-24 Literary Circles

Tuesday: The Scarlet Letter Socratic Seminar

Wednesday: Progress Check

Thursday: Quarter 2 Benchmark

Friday: Progress Check Revisions