This week in Ms. Alba’s Class 3.11-3.15

AP Seminar: Period 1

This week in Ms. Alba’s Class we will finish Team Multimedia Presentation and use critical feedback to ensure that we meet College Board Rubric Requirements.

Monday: 1.) How to turn NERVES into ANXIETY 2.) Team Multimedia Presentation Prep: Alba‘s thinking while you present


Tuesday: 1.) Final IRR Rubric Read Around in Teams

Wednesday: Team Multimedia Presentation Reflection: TMP Rubric

Read PART 2 Stimulus Packet 2019 : Select TWO texts that sparked your interest and use Summary Template and prepare discuss on Friday’s Socratic Seminar

Thursday: IWA & IMP Outline: See pp. 1-4 of PART 2 Stimulus Packet 2019

Friday: Socratic Seminar: IWA Process Launch

Mexican American Literature: Period 2, 6

This week in Mexican American Literature, we will use views of identity in Frank Mundo’s “How I Became a Mexican” from the Ban This! Anthology, Rosario Castellano’s “Silence Concerning an Ancient Stone,” and David Botello’s Murals.

Monday: 1. “Silence Concerning an Ancient Stone” Image Analysis Slide Show

Tuesday: “Inocente” Film Screening: How does Inocente use art and creativity to build her sense of IDENTITY?

Wednesday: David Botello Mural Analysis & Ekphrastic Poems

Thursday: How I Became a Mexican: Black Out Poems

Friday: Write Ekphrastic Poems inspired by David Botello Murals

English 3P Honors: Period 3, 4

This week in English 3P Honors, we will analyze REALIST features in Jack London’s “To Build a Fire” and Ch. 1-10 of Kate Chopin’s The Awakening, and Mark Twain’s “The Lowest Animal”.

Monday: 1. Expert Corners and Literary Circles for Ch. 1-X of The Awakening by Kate Chopin

Tuesday: 1.) Progress Check 5.2

H.W. Read & Summarize Ch. XI-XII by Monday 3/18 

Wednesday: Progress Check 5.2: Progress Check Revision

Thursday: 1. Pre-Reading: Mark Twain Notes, Mark Twain Background Video 2. Read and Annotate: “The Lowest Animal”

FridayPost-Reading: Complete Dialectical Journal to identify Twain’s use Ethos, Pathos, and LogosLiterary Circles evaluate Naturalist Elements of “The Lowest Animal”