This week in Ms. Alba’s Class: 10.14-10.18

Period 1:  Mexican American Literature & Culture

This week, Mexican American Literature & Culture will present on the context after reading “Silence Concerning an Ancient Stone” by Rosario Castellanos, and write Ekphrastic Poem inspired by David Botello’s murals.

Monday: “Making Sense of Poetry for Rosario Castellanos’ poem “Silence Concerning and Ancient Stone”” Presentations

Tuesday: Tlamatinime Poetry “Where are the Roots of Men?” “Does man Possess any Truth?” “One Day we Must Go” and “Who am I?”

Wednesday: PSAT Day

Thursday:  “David Botello Murals: “Read Between the Lines” & “Dream of Flight”

Friday: “Dreams of Flight” Ekphrastic Poems

Period 2 & 3: AP Seminar

This week AP Seminar will develop “What if @ Grove” Presentations by Questioning and Exploring and Understanding & Analyzing issues selected.

Monday: 1.) What is Line of Reasoning?  How do we find it? 2.) Line of Reasoning and “This Article Won’t Change Your Mind” by Julie Beck for The Atlantic.

Tuesday: Socratic Seminar on “Why you think you are right even when you are wrong” and “This article won’t change your mind”

Wednesday: PSAT Day

Thursday: Introduction to Research: Question Formulation Technique

Friday: Understand and Analyze the Problem: Journalistic Sources

Period 5 & 6: English 3P Honors

This week, English 3P Honors Scholars will analyze the issues of ASSIMILATION through the subordinate characters and relationships in Chapters 6-9 of The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri.

Monday: Progress Check on The Namesake Ch. 1-5

H.W. Read and annotate Ch. 6-9 of The Namesake and Complete Chapter Summary that answers the essential question, “How do new characters and relationships reveal the limits of ASSIMILATION?” 

Tuesday: Progress Check Revision on The Namesake Ch. 6-9.

Wednesday: Expert Corners for Ch. 6-9 The Namesake

Thursday: Literary Circles for Ch. 6-9 The Namesake

Friday: Progress Check on Ch. 6-9 The Namesake

H.W. Finish The Namesake!  Complete Chapter Summary.