This week in Ms. Alba’s Class: 10.7-10.11

Period 1:  Mexican American Literature & Culture

This week, Mexican American Literature & Culture will study the context IDENTITY in Mexican American Literature and write poetry inspired by “Senior Picture” by Michelle Serros, “Silence Concerning an Ancient Stone” by Rosario Castellanos, and David Botello’s murals.

Monday: “Senior Picture” Found Poems

Tuesday: ” “Silence Concerning an Ancient Stone” a poem by Rosario Castellanos: Making Sense of Poetry 

Wednesday: (Late Start) David Botello’s “Read Between the Lines” Analysis

Thursday: Ekphrastic Poems inspired by David Botello

Friday: Poetry Cafe Day

Period 2 &3: AP Seminar

This week, AP Seminar will QUESTION & EXPLORE a SCHOOL PROBLEM and begin to contextualize arguments by identifying credible sources of information.  

Monday: 1.  Sign up for Portfolio 2. “What if” Brainstorm

Tuesday: 1. AP Class Section Instructions 2019 2. Identify Problems for Investigation: Coffeehouse Discussions

Wednesday: (Late Start) 1. “Why You think you are right even when you are wrong” by Julia Galef 2. Question Formulation Technique

Thursday: 1. Introduction to Credible Sources 2.  EBSCO Host

Friday: What is an annotated Bibliography and how why do you make one?

Period 3 & 4: English 3P Honors

MondayThe Namesake Ch. 1 & 2 Chapter SummaryThe Namesake Unit Map

H.W. Read and Summarize Ch. 3-5 by Wednesday, October 9: Complete Chapter Summary:

Tuesday: 1.) Definition of Assimilation 2.) “Indian Boy Love Song” by Sherman Alexie Analysis 3. Literary Circles for The Namesake Ch. 1-2

WednesdayThe Namesake Ch. 3-5 Chapter Summary Check and Expert Corners

H.W. Socratic Seminar on Friday 10/11 Read & Summarize Ch. 6-8 by Thursday 10/18

ThursdayThe Namesake Ch. 3-5 Chapter SummaryThe Namesake Unit Map

Friday: The Namesake Socratic Seminar