#English3PPeriod3 #SocraticSeminar on #TheLowestAnimal by #MarkTwain

Overall Score:  2.9= C-


What we liked…

Students used evidence to support reasons and claims and made connections from Mark Twain’s time to present day. Discussion was respectful and everyone was engaged (x2). Good ideas and the conversation flowed well with diverse opinions.  Questions were very broad and it got the group into the conversation.  Everyone knows when to jump into the conversation.  Participants argued respectfully and gave their perspective and opinion.  Everyone shared questions.  No awkward silence.  Conversation stayed on topic x2. We got to have some insight on how our classmates see the world. Mark Garcia gave good questions and insightful comments.  Everyone consistent talked and discussed different questions.  Students used real world examples. Most people agreed and showed understanding of speaker’s point of view and opinion. It was professional. Everyone used evidence and facts as support.  Everyone gave good answers and showed understanding. Students brought others into the conversation. Good questions kept the conversation going.  Liked the essay.  No one was messing around being distracting and immature.  No interruptions. Valid points and good examples of justice. Good responses to ideas with thoughtful opinions.

What we learned… many perspectives on justice or injustice based on Mark Twain’s essay “The Lowest Animal.” How Mark Twain’s essay is useful for today.

Challenges & Room For Growth

What should improve/change: Have everyone participate, get involved,  and speak up! ( x17) Only a few people held on to the discussion for a large part of the time (x4).  Provide other students with chance to speak. Ask more questions and discuss disagreement while having a broader point of view and seeing other perspectives(x3). Don’t be so shy or intimidated and gather up courage to speak up (x5). Some people need to be more clear when they speak so everyone can understand. Consider counterarguments to our points of view. Second session was cut short.  Bring in PEERS!!